IPad owners have reported malfunction of the tablet because of the new iOS

Older models of the iPad will no longer work when you install them on the new version of the operating system (OS) iOS 9.3, according to the portal Cnews with reference to the device owners. About the appearance of iOS 9.3, Apple announced on March 21 during the presentation of new products.

After a user installs an OS update, your device must be activated: at this stage the problem occurs — the tablet tells the user that cannot connect to the Apple server, Cnews found out.

The reporter also ran into this bug after installing iOS 9.3 for third-generation iPad tablet gave a message that it cannot connect to the server. About the problems users have said on various Internet forums, including the official online Apple support forum. IPad owners believe that the problem is not with the Internet connection because other devices on the same Wi-Fi network is working properly. It is unlikely that the problem is related to high load on the servers as some users have tried unsuccessfully to activate during the day, says Cnews.

Evaluation of the portal, mostly the complaints come from owners of the second-generation iPad, which Apple released in 2011. Some users have requested assistance consultants official Apple stores, but are unable to recover your tablet. In some cases the owners of Apple products solved the problem when I updated using a personal computer, writes Cnews. You need to download iOS 9.3 on your computer using iTunes, and then install the update to the mobile device via a USB cable. In addition, it is possible to cope with the problem through a complete restore of the iPad. Before this procedure it is recommended to make a backup in iCloud or on your computer.

Apple has not yet commented on this topic. On request a company representative did not respond.

One of the main features of the new iOS 9.3 — Night Shift mode that automatically changes the display color in the dark on a warmer to prepare the user to sleep. Another innovation concerns the protection of data in iOS, the user can enter the password for the Notes app and unlock the account using the fingerprint sensor Touch ID.