Matviyenko called the only condition to mend relations with Turkey

Russia is ready to thaw relations with Turkey if the latter recognizes its responsibility for the downed Russian bomber su-24, said the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko in interview to “RIA Novosti”.

“Russian-Turkish relations, to put it mildly, leave much to be desired. As you know, cooling occurred not our fault. We are ready to thaw, provided that the government of Turkey acknowledges its responsibility for the destruction of Russian aircraft over the territory of Syria. However, the Turkish side don’t have even a hint of it,” said the speaker of the upper house of Parliament.

Matvienko also commented on the fact that Turkey does not allow the participation of Kurds in the intra-Syrian talks in Geneva. “This position runs counter to the UN resolution, but Ankara is persisting. Which, of course, prevents the development of the peace process in Syria, the consolidation of forces against international terrorism,” she said.

According to the speaker, the impression that “some part of Turkish politicians overwhelmed by memories of former greatness of the Ottoman Empire”. “But a sober, responsible politicians should know and remember the history of their country as a whole, not just those fragments that evoke nostalgia. Otherwise there is a risk to re-occur on the same rake”, — said Matvienko.

Sanctions against Turkey were introduced after 24 November 2015 fighter of the Turkish air force has shot down a Russian su-24 bomber on the Turkish-Syrian border. Ankara stated that the Russian plane violated the airspace of Turkey, and its crew did not respond to repeated warnings. Moscow denied these accusations. As a result of blow Turkish military aircraft Russian plane crashed in Syria.

The pilots managed to eject, one of them was killed during the shelling from the ground by the Syrian rebels. During the rescue operation for rescuing other pilots killed the Russian infantryman. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin called the Turkish air force act “a stab in the back” from “supporters of terrorists”.