On the body of a lawyer “fighters FCU” found a bracelet with explosives

Chief military Prosecutor General Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios told reporters details of the discovery of the body of the lawyer of Yury Grabovsky, who defended the Russian Alexander Alexandrov, called Kiev “a soldier of the GRU”. According to him, the lawyer was brought from Odessa to Kiev and then taken away under Zhashkiv in Cherkasy oblast, was killed, reports the edition “Left coast”.

The lawyer was killed from firearms, and before that his leg was attached a bracelet with explosives, which he threatened to use while trying to escape, clarifies the issue. The Prosecutor’s office checks to see whether or not the Grabowski under the influence of psychotropic drugs.

The Prosecutor said that the previous morning, the SBU and the military Prosecutor have detained in Odessa region of the second person involved in the disappearance of Grabowski. He said the place and the circumstances of the murder Grabowski. The body was found the night of Friday in the forest at 27 km from Zhashkiv.

Performers split the money, which they allocated for the murder. A message to Facebook on behalf of Grabowski, they wrote to provide an alibi. One of the suspects had forged documents of the employee of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine.

Earlier on Friday about the discovery of the body of Grabowski reported by the national Association of advocates of Ukraine. This information was confirmed by a colleague of a lawyer who protects another Russian, called Keeway “fighter GRU”, Oksana Sokolovsky. First, she said that the body was found in Kyiv oblast, but later clarified that in the Cherkassy region.