Pierre Cardin thought about production in Russia

Designer Pierre Cardin fashion house and grandson of its founder, Pierre Cardin, Rodrigo Basilicata said in an interview with RNS that the fashion house is negotiating the license production of clothing and shoes of this brand in Russia.

“Now there is this idea: in Ukraine and in Russia our stuff sold people from Germany and Italy, which have local license to manufacture under the name Pierre Cardin. And now there is an idea to remove those people and hire people that are licensed in Russia directly in the Ukraine, that is in place,” said Basilicate, adding that “at the moment to name names.” “While this is under negotiation, of course, but there are several very large factories, which, for example, manufacture of clothing, sports Shoe, there is an interest. But all this is still under negotiations,” he said.

He noted that the situation with the fall of the ruble — “the perfect time for the Russians began to make Pierre Cardin. “Now all I do in Italy, in Germany, and now, in this economic situation, the Russians can get a license and start producing here,” said the designer.

According to him, Russia now only about ten stores, which are owned by Pierre Cardin, others work for license. Things Pierre Cardin in Russia, according to him, now sell “one American, three Germans and an Italian brand”. “Americans do everything related to tights. The Germans are selling jeans and sportswear. These are our licensees that work with Russia”, — said Basilicate.

RNS to the question, will the things Pierre Cardin from this cheaper designer replied, “of Course. No transport, nothing. Everything connected with transport is very much. For example, when we send a bottle of water in China, it costs 6-7 euros, although local production — a few cents”.

Pierre Cardin is not only foreign brand that is willing to consider the possibility of production in Russia. Yesterday the President of the Finnish brand Finn Flare Xenia Ryasova, told to “Kommersant” that the company will self-release their products in Russia.

As noted by the newspaper, Finn Flare will be the first foreign brand of clothing that went on such a step in the falling market. Now the large foreign brands are not placing orders in Russia and have there own facilities.

“Even the main part of major Russian brands, which strive to keep prices low, but not lose quality, I can’t find the perfect production site for high-volume production. Besides quality clothing Made in Russia today is more expensive than clothes of similar quality from Bangladesh, China or the Philippines”, — told “Kommersant” the General Director Fashion Consulting Group Anna Lebsak-Kleimans.

In the Soviet Union, Pierre Cardin was the production in Russia — the brand has worked with 32 factories, and the owner of fashion house Pierre Cardin in an interview with “Vedomosti” told me that it was a “successful project”. However, in the early 1990s, Pierre Cardin turned Russian production.

The brand Pierre Cardin is owned by its founder, 93-year-old French fashion designer Pierre Cardin, who is considered one of the largest owners of France. Among other things, Cardin owns Maxim’s restaurant in Paris and a number of real estate objects near him, the castle Palais Bulles area of 1200 m in the outskirts of Cannes and the Chateau Lacoste, which was owned by the Marquis de the Garden.