Transparency told about “the apartment Rogozin” for 500 million rubles.

The Russian branch of the international anti-corruption organization Transparency International has found an apartment worth 500 million rubles, which, according to NGOs, may belong to Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. As can be seen from Rogozin’s Declaration for 2013, the Deputy Prime Minister together with his wife own equal shares of the apartment with an area of 346 sq. m. This property is in the Declaration Rogozin and for 2014.

Rogozin’s son, Alexey Rogozin, recently appointed Deputy Director of the property Department of the Ministry of defence, the Declaration of 2013 also indicated that he owns a share in the apartment with an area of 346 sq. m. As follows from the Declaration, Rogozin Jr. owns jointly with his minor children Theodore and Mary three fifths of the apartment.

“According to the register of the Federal service for state registration, cadastre and cartography, in the capital there is only one such area, which is owned by five individuals, and it is located on the street Starovolynskaya”, — stated in the study by Transparency International. As explained Deputy General Director of the Russian branch of the organization, Ilya Šuman, NGOs have long had information about where can live Deputy Prime Minister, and now it was confirmed.

managed to find four apartments of the same area. As can be seen from the USRR, they are located on airline street, Starovolynskaya, Jurowski and Olaf Palme.

In the extract from the USRR stated that desjatikratno two-level apartment with an area of 346 sqm in the street Starovolynskaya in Moscow have five people, but their names are missing.

“The uniqueness of the situation is that the extract from the register always contains the names of property owners. But not this time. In the case of the apartment on Starovolynskaya its owners mysteriously disappeared. We assume that some of the employees of Rosreestr accidentally or intentionally deleted information about the owners”, — stated in the investigation of NGOs.

As highlighted in the publication, the apartment is on Starovolynskaya street is located close to Kutuzovsky prospect and Rublevskoe shosse. Also nearby is the “near dacha” of Joseph Stalin.

The complex of houses on the street Starovolynskaya 15 (LCD “Near dacha”) is adjacent to the house 12 LCD Business class residential complex “Volyn”. This house realtors call the House Manager of President. Guarded fenced territory, underground Parking, a large area, a kindergarten with an English bias in the RC. In both complexes, the Kremlin has its own apartment but the best part is privately owned.

From the layout of the apartment posted on the website of the residential complex “Near dacha” implies that the apartment has three bedrooms and four toilets, kitchen, dining room, study and spacious living room.

Six-room apartment with an area of 318 sq. m. in the fifth case of a residential complex on Starovolynskaya worth 315 mln rubles Semicordata duplex apartment area of 335 sq. m. in the building next to us sold for 516 mln.

“I can assume that distichantha the apartment is even larger area will be no less than 500 million rubles”, — the Transparency. This is significantly higher than the aggregate income Rogozin, his wife and family of his son: from 2011 to 2014 they earned almost 48,5 million roubles.

In the Russian branch of Transparency International said that it will seek explanation from management of Federal registration service in connection with the disappearance of the names of the owners of elite apartment from the statement. NGOs will also require the Prosecutor General to check the accuracy of the information provided in declarations Dmitry Rogozin and his son.

If the test confirms that the property belongs to the Deputy Prime Minister, will demand Transparency from the state office of public Prosecutor to address in court with the civil suit “for the purpose of appeal to the state property that has signs of illicit origin, in the case of confirmation of information, which has signs of corruption”.

Alexey Rogozin and representative Dmitry Rogozin promised that he would answer questions during the day.