Twice less Russians began to apply for visas to EU countries

Citizens of Russia continues to occupy first place in the number of issued Schengen visas from all countries outside the European Union. However, a sharp reduction of applications for visas and increase bounce on them was reflected in the number of issued visas by Brussels, according to data of the European Commission.

In 2015, the EU issued 14.3 million visas, which is considerably below the 15.4 million visas approved in 2014 (it fell by almost 8%). About 3.41 million of them are short-term permission to stay issued to the Russians. In the previous year the citizens of Russia received 40% more visas — more than 5.7 million Respectively, the proportion of Russians among all of the new Schengen visa holders dropped from third to fourth.

In percentage terms, has grown significantly and the number of refusals, although it still remains at the level of statistical error: 1.3% versus 0.9% in 2014. Given the decline in tourism, in real terms, the number of failures even dropped from 54,1 45,4 thousand to thousand

In addition, in 2015 the share of visa issuance with the possibility of multiple entry into the territory of the EU (“visa”) from 60% to 68.1%. For comparison, the second highest number of issued visas after Russia is China: 2,31 million issued by the Chinese visa only in 18% of cases were allowed its reuse. Failure rate in the PRC was 2.8%. In 2014, visa Europe received a third of Chinese (of 1.74 million), the refusal rate was slightly higher (3%), while the share of “multi” in the total number of permits is lower (15.6 per cent).

In third place is Ukraine, where in 2015 the residents had 1.19 million visas (against 1.35 million in 2014), the percentage of failures increased from 2% to 3.4%, but the proportion of “multi-entry” has increased from 52.4% to 56.8 per cent.

The main reason of recession of interest of Russians to Europe Brussels called two-fold depreciation of the ruble, “which undermined the inquiry on foreign tourism”.

The absolute leader on failures in obtaining Schengen visas in 2015 were residents of Afghanistan: from 6.9 thousand petitions 42% were not satisfied.