A Turkish soldier was killed in the shelling of a military base in Northern Iraq

As reported by Reuters with reference to the Turkish military, missile base exploded at the base in Northern Iraq, hosts the soldiers of the Turkish army. As a result one serviceman was killed, another was wounded and sent to hospital in the border province of shirnak.

In Ankara found that the missile was fired by militants of the “Islamic state” (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization), which in this region are fighting with the Kurdish self-defence (Peshmerga).

In response, Turkish soldiers fired missiles at identified targets of terrorists. The results of the attack, the report does not say.

The Turkish military entered Iraq on December 4. According to media reports, it is about the unit of 150-300 troops, reinforced with tanks 20-25. The troops were deployed to Northern Iraq in the area of Bashika near the city of Mosul.

Prime Minister Ahmet davutoğlu has justified the presence of a large group of Turkish military, recently stationed in Iraq, “planned rotation” associated with training. “It’s not a new camp,” but rather existed “training center established to support local volunteer force to combat terrorism,” he said.