Khodorkovsky commented on the statement of the RCDS about the illegal purchase of a Yukos

Mikhail Khodorkovsky commented on Friday heard statements by the official representative of the Investigative Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin about the illegal purchase of a Yukos. As told Khodorkovsky, money to purchase the company’s shares gave the banks — “Menatep”, “Capital” and “the Bridge”.

“Plus my few exporting enterprises of the defense complex”, — he added. The question was discussed whether in advance the winner of the auction, Khodorkovsky answered: “the Winner [of the auction] definitely not nominated”.

Earlier on Friday the official representative of the RCDS Vladimir Markin said on air of the Vesti FM radio station that the investigators gather evidence on the illegal acquisition of Yukos’s shareholders. Markin added that the investigation is already “close to proof that it was actually so.”

Markin claims that Khodorkovsky did not pay for the purchase of shares of the company’s “dime”. He recalled that the purchase of Yukos applied for by two companies — “Laguna” and “Mont Blanc”. “Your attempt to submit this contest structures Inkombank was quickly rejected by the Bank were allegedly found some violations that result in the two companies, which belonged to Khodorkovsky,” — said Markin.

According to Markin described the scheme, in 1995 with the privatization of Yukos, Khodorkovsky’s team to participate in the investment competition and mortgaging auction presented “virtually belonging to JSC “Laguna” and JSC “Reagent”, deceiving that these societies are separate legal entities”.

Won the auction, “Laguna”, but its own funds to pay for the shares in Yukos had not, therefore, to deal used funds of the Bank “Menatep”, the main source of which was the funds of clients and depositors, says Markin. “Menatep” the money subsequently was returned, but after a few years, the Bank bankrupted, he said.

“Thus, the shares were received free of charge Khodorkovsky, on other people’s money, in fact, stolen,” — said the representative of the RCDS.

Earlier press-Secretary of Khodorkovsky Olga Pispanen, commenting on statements Markin, said that Khodorkovsky acquired the shares of the company in compliance with all legal procedures and adequate for the price. “The acquisition of Yukos shares was made in compliance with all legal procedures. I’m not exactly call the price but it was adequate, and information on all collateral auction, which took place 20 years ago, what companies were involved there, is open,” said Piispanen (quoted by “Interfax”). She noted that “even in those troubled times, 20 years ago, nobody could come off the street and say: give me a kilo of shares of Yukos”.