Russian tax authorities have begun checking the Uber

The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation in 2015, has instructed the tax authorities to conduct an audit of Uber and other taxi services. About it writes “the” with reference to the letter of the Deputy Minister of Finance Ilia Trunina Duma Deputy Sergei Obukhov. Ilya Trunin confirmed the content of the letter. In early February 2016 Deputy Obukhov sent a request to the Ministry of Finance with the request to check the operation of the service Uber, reports “Izvestia”. The Deputy then assessed the damage from Uber only works in Moscow at 744 million roubles.

In response to the appeal Obukhov Trunin wrote that the Federal tax service of Russia in Moscow has conducted and continues to conduct inspections in respect of LLC “Uber technology” (Russian legal entity Uber) and figures out whether the company complies with tax legislation of the country. The Deputy Minister has not specified whether service tax violations.

In response, Sergei Obukhov also States that the tax authorities in 2015 had “14 on site tax inspections for taxpayers, carrying out activity on transportation of passengers by an automobile taxi, the results of which assessed additional taxes of more than 18 million rubles”. What other services is about, except Uber, the official said.

The Uber representative in Russia stated that he knew nothing about the inspections of the Federal tax service.

MP butts in his February address was referred to the Federation of automobile owners of Russia (HEADLIGHTS). Earlier, the Federation had already sent to the Prosecutor General and the Federal tax service of the complaints on Uber. FNS responded that the tax authorities are checked Uber, but found no violations, write “Izvestia”. The representative of the public movement Taxi2018 and one of the drafters of the treatment of the HEADLIGHTS Stanislav Shvagerus then explained that the tax service checked not the company Uber and the taxi drivers, Uber recognized as an aggregator that does not have its own fleet.

In mid-March, Uber signed an agreement on cooperation with the Moscow transport Department, which is committed to working only with legitimate taxi drivers who have permission to taxi activity, and also disclose data about their vehicles in the city. At Uber have 90 days to transition to the new conditions, he wrote.

Uber — the world’s largest service to order a taxi via the mobile app. The concept of service — “the private car with a driver for everyone.” Work is Uber illegal taxi drivers there were some issues with the authorities of many countries. Uber revenue for the whole year of 2015 was $1.5 billion loss for the first half — $987,2 million worldwide, the company employs 5,7 million people.

In Russia the service is available in eight cities (in February, he started in Krasnodar), but the Vice President of Uber, Ryan graves in an interview, said that by the end of 2016 Uber will be present in 17 Russian cities. Uber share in the Moscow market — 10% of all traffic. The other two competitor “Yandex.Taxi” and Sugar — covered 60% and 20% of traffic respectively. Both previously signed an agreement with the Moscow authorities.

Revenue LTD. “Uber technology” in 2014 amounted to 15,5 million rubles., net profit — 1,7 million rbl., follows from base “SPARK-Interfax”. Data for the year 2015 yet.