The chamber has asked the Prosecutor General to check the shareholders of “Innopolis”

The chamber has asked the Prosecutor General to check the legality of the transaction in which the company “Innopolis city” received about 1.5% of shares of JSC “Innopolis”, which is engaged in the construction of a University complex in the science city of Tatarstan. On Thursday, March 24, according to the publication Cnews with reference to the letter of the Chairman of the accounts chamber Tatyana Golikova, Prosecutor General Yury Chaika. also read the copy of the document.

The letter Golikova sent in January of 2016 — just after the publication of test results “Innopolis” the accounts chamber. A source in the Prosecutor General’s office reported that the Department received a similar letter, but from other comments have refused. The press service of the Prosecutor General failed to promptly respond to the request , to obtain timely review of the accounting chamber on Thursday evening failed.

The audit chamber in the report on the audit explained: in the creation of the innovation center and participate in Tatarstan and JSC “Innopolis” and OAO “Innopolis city”: the first company engaged in the creation and development of infrastructure, the second provides land plots for the construction of this infrastructure.

“Innopolis” construction at the expense of budget funds in the amount of 4.7 billion rubles, which in 2012-2013 was contributed to its Charter capital. The company 98,95% belonged to the state — the Ministry of communications and 1.05% is the company “city Innopolis”. In 2014, the latter increased its share in the “Innopolis” to 2.54%, in exchange for shares it owned the land. This transaction raised doubts of the accounting chamber.

On request “city Innopolis” company “Grant Thornton Corporate Finance” assessed value of the land in 73,4 mln, or 321 rubles per 1 sq. m. in 2012, the land was contributed as a contribution into the Charter capital of the company at a price 45,08 rubles. per meter. Sevenfold difference in the value of the same land may speak about its “intentional formation”, in which “Innopolis city” increased the share in the company “Innopolis”, follows from the letter Golikova Seagull.

“Innopolis city” is now 50% owned by the Ministry of Tatarstan and another 50% — open company “management company “PromInvest”, says the report of the accounts chamber. 90% “of UK PromInvest” has Svetlana Ziganshina, according to base “SPARK-Interfax”. Also, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”, the name of the spouse of the Deputy of the state Council of Tatarstan, the General Director PSO “Kazan” Ravil Ziganshina. Sources Cnews previously called Ziganshina “figure from the environment” Chapter of the Ministry of communications Nikolay Nikiforov. PSO “Kazan” in 2015 signed 13 contracts for a total amount of 9.4 billion rubles for the construction of one of the control structures of “Innopolis”, follows from base “SPARK-Interfax”. In 2016, the company Ziganshina also participates in the competition for construction work within special economic zone with a starting price of 42,8 million rubles., the results are not yet known.

The chamber suspects that among managers of “Innopolis” and “city Innopolis” can be a conflict of interest, follows from the letter Golikova. In addition, there may be “corruption risks” that affect the economic interests of the state in the creation of the centre “Innopolis”. The Department has asked the Prosecutor General to check, he observed the law during the formation of the share capital of the two companies.

The communications Ministry believes the chamber claims unfounded, said the representative of Department Dmitry Zakharov. According to him, the change in the value of land related to its revaluation: initially, the land belonged to the category of agricultural land, then was transferred to the category under construction. As a result increased its cadastral value. According to the data of Rosreestr, the cost of land designated in the letter Golikova, amounts to 27,5 million rbl. (on 8 December 2015), there are 120 rubles per meter, it belongs to the category “lands of settlements”.

With the participation of Ilya Rozhdestvensky