“The right thing” was renamed the “Party of growth”

Political party “Right cause” headed by business Ombudsman Boris Titov, renamed the “Party of growth”. This was decided at the Congress, the correspondent .

When choosing a new name was also considered options such as “New party”, “Our business”, “business People”, said the Deputy Chairman of the party Tatyana Marchenko. Also there was an option to call the party “Right cause is the party of growth”, to maintain continuity, but in the end decided it was better to leave concise “the Party of growth,” she said.

Names “People of action” and “Our business” also correspond to the nature of the party, but does not give impetus to the voters felt the party leadership. The name “Party of growth” is also due to the fact that the program will be based on the idea of economic development, said the source .

In addition to the name also was changed the party emblem. Now it’s a blue arrow pointing up, inside of which in white letters is written the name of the party. The symbolism was developed by the British designer Michael Wolff, who worked on brands for Shell, BP and for the labour party in the UK.

That party will be called the “Party of growth”, on Thursday wrote “Vedomosti” citing a source close to the leadership of the party, and a member of its General Council. Titov noted that the choice of the name was conducted involving focus groups with marketers and political scientists. “Any name is a thing very vulnerable because, say, the Internet can use [name] not in fact, and cling to it — Troll” — he explained.

The party “Pravoe Delo” was established on November 16, 2008 on the basis of the parties “Civil force”, “Democratic party of Russia and Union of right forces”.
In 2011, within a few months, its Chairman was billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. From 29 February 2016 Chairman of the party Boris Titov.