The the Montenegrin police detained the 55 Russians on suspicion of the crime

According to Montenegro radio Antena M, the arrest was made at the hotel Perjanik in Danilovgrad and the hotel Ramadi in the country’s capital Podgorica. As a result, were detained and interrogated 55 Russian citizens and 5 citizens of Japan.

According to the radio, Montenegrin police by sharing information with colleagues from other agencies, received information that the hotels gathered the persons involved in Commission of crimes abroad. To conduct an operation to arrest the people in the two hotels had attracted more than 100 police officers.

The authorities indicate that in hotel rooms was found a large number of electronics, including 205 mobile phones, tablets, laptops, memory cards.

Officially, the Montenegrin police have made no arrests. “At this stage police action was preventive”, – said the source.

As informs the Agency “RIA Novosti”, the Russian Embassy in Montenegro until explains the circumstances of the detention of the Russian citizens. The request was addressed to the local police.

In 2012 the American publication Foreign Affairs, described Montenegro as a mafia state, pointing to the link local officials with international criminal syndicates. The requirement to deal with foreign criminals who have settled in the country several years was one of the conditions of accession to the EU.