Aeroflot announced it would resume flights to Kazakhstan

Russian airline Aeroflot previously suspended air links with Kazakhstan to resume flights to the country. This is stated in the message of the carrier published on the website in the night of Sunday, March 27.

“In connection with obtaining permission from the civil aviation Committee of the Ministry on investments and development of Republic of Kazakhstan “Aeroflot” restores flights to Kazakhstan. All flights, scheduled for March 27, 2016, will be performed according to a previously published schedule”, – stated in the message.

In my previous message, the Russian carrier noted that forced to suspend its flights to Kazakhstan, because so far, the Kazakh side has not provided the permits to perform flights of the Russian airlines in accordance with the summer timetable, which comes into force on 27 March.

In turn, the Kazakh carrier Air Astana has stated that “due to the refusal to grant flight clearances from the Russian aviation authorities of” Air Astana flights to Moscow can also be interrupted since 27 March 2016.

In a message to Air Astana, which was quoted by the Agency TASS, it was reported that “Aeroflot” has filed a late application for registration, and so cannot get permission to fly to Kazakhstan.

The report noted that Kazakhstan is ready to register “Aeroflot” and to issue a permit within days “subject to receipt of an official letter from the Russian aviation authorities”, which shall be confirmed by the possibility of passage for Kazakh companies through Russian airspace on a route Astana – Ulan-Bator and permission for the flight to Moscow.

In Air Astana TASS also reported that “for flight over the Russian territory aviation authorities of Russia require payment of royalties for the use of the TRANS-Siberian route (TSR)”. The airline with these requirements does not agree.