Breedlove urged to return to the EU the spy planes U-2 for spying for Russia

The commander of the NATO forces in Europe Philip Breedlove said that the spy planes U-2 needs to return to Europe for observation “for a resurgent and aggressive Russia,” wrote in a Sunday British newspaper the Independent.

According to him, the spy planes U-2, which are a “means of additional intelligence” needed for effective confrontation, “a heightened threat from Moscow” after several years of reductions in American military capabilities in Europe, the newspaper writes.

General Breedlove, who has to resign from the post of commander of NATO in Europe this spring, said that Russia is a “long-term existential threat” to the United States.

The newspaper reminds that the reconnaissance aircraft U-2 was actively used during the cold war.

The Pentagon in the request for publication was whether the appeal Breedlove satisfied not answered, the newspaper said.

In March it became known that the Breedlove at the post of the commander of the NATO forces in Europe will be replaced by General Curtis Scaparrotti. His candidacy was nominated by U.S. President Bark Obama and later endorsed by the NATO Council. The Stars and Stripes, depicting the work of the Pentagon, communicates the appointment of Scaparrotti a need to strengthen the Eastern borders of NATO in Europe, and discussion of quick response in the event of a crisis involving Russia.