Clinton lost to Sanders in the Caucus meetings in Washington

Claiming the democratic nomination for President of the USA Senator Bernie Sanders defeated former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in Caucuses in the States of Washington and Alaska, according to CNN.

In Washington, Sanders is gaining 76% of the vote, Clinton 24%.

“Washington, thank you for your great support! It’s hard not to admit that our company has the driving force,” Sanders wrote in his Twitter.

Washington is the most important among the States, where this weekend is played the highest number of votes of the delegates — 101. Therefore, Clinton, and Sanders, he spent a considerable part of his time last week. In the other two States, where this weekend held Caucuses among Democrats — Hawaii and Alaska — enacted by 25 and 16 delegates respectively.

On the Caucuses in Alaska, Sanders is gaining 78.7% of the votes, while his rival Clinton to 21.3%.

At the moment, Clinton has gained 1 711 thousand votes of delegates from 2 thousand 383. Sanders — 952 delegate.

At the party Congress in July delegates will be elected as a single candidate from the democratic party that will participate in the presidential elections in November.