Explosion in the near Tver administration explained “the confrontation of power groups”

Acting Governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya called grenade explosion that occurred last Friday in the administration building Maksatihinsky district, the “climax” of the conflict between several authorities in the district administration. He promised that all municipalities in the area will pass the verification and will make decisions, including personnel.

“The region was an emergency: broke the window in the administration and threw an explosive device is a grenade. This was the apogee of the confrontation of several groups at the mercy of the district administration,” said Rudina journalists (quoted by TASS).

The head of the region stressed that some decisions in this area were taken, “to put it mildly, in “taste” mode — like someone who is closer, with those more actively worked.” In particular, according to him, the victim at explosion the Cabinet worked as Deputy head of the administration, is the wife of the head of the district.

“We need to be more careful with such personnel decisions and appointments,” said Rodina.

“And when these things happen we understand that this is probably related. And there is a consequence will give an assessment”, — said the head of the Tver region.

“Law enforcement authorities following the investigation, I think, will be able to tell who did it and what is the connection between performers and customers and whether these customers are in the ranks of the administration,” he added.

The acting Governor also said that the throwing of the grenade will start inspections in all municipalities of the region. First check the work of the administration Maksatihinsky district. According to him, within ten days we will carry out a detailed analysis of the situation in the district and decisions, including personnel.

“We will prepare all the necessary materials and we will make decisions, including personnel”, — concluded Rodina.