Media reported the transfer of assets of Vekselberg from offshore to Russia

The assets of Russian billionaire Viktor Vekselberg in such Russian companies as “AKADO”, Russian space systems (RKS), “Orgsintez”, were transferred to Russian jurisdiction, according to Swiss newspaper NZZ am Sonntag, which quoted Reuters.

According to a representative belonging to Vekselberg of the Renova group, which refers to the publication, assets in other companies are also in the process of translation in Russia.

The representative of “Renova” in a conversation with Reuters said that the re-registration of assets is carried out in the last year and a half. specific assets he never called. “All these companies are managed by boards of Directors and managers from Russia just as it was before,” Reuters reported the spokesman for the group Vekselberg. He stressed that the changes will not affect the course of business.

“The changes affected only capital structure, but not the management process”, — said the press officer.

As noted by NZZ am Sonntag, the assets of Vekselberg in such Swiss companies as Sulzer (62,86% to Renova) and Oerliko (share Renova — 44,4%), will not affect the transfer to Russia, but they are waiting for the reorganization. NZZ am Sonntag associates the transfer of offshore assets of Vekselberg with the strengthening of measures for the deoffshorization of the Russian economy. According to a source in the entourage of the billionaire, Vekselberg on this issue repeatedly discussed by the representatives of the Russian authorities.

Earlier, in January of last year, it became known that Vekselberg is fully transferred to Russian jurisdiction the company “Airports of regions”, the management of Russian airports with passenger throughput over 10 million people a year. As it turned out, the very Vekselberg is 90%, the rest of his partners Vladimir Kremer, Yevgeny Olkhovyk.

At the end of 2011, President Vladimir Putin said about the need to combat tax abuse through offshore companies, and in February 2013, instructed the Russian government to develop measures for deoffshorization of the Russian economy.

The law “On the voluntary Declaration of physical persons assets and Bank accounts (deposits) in banks” came into force from 1 July 2015. According to him the Russians can inform the tax authorities about their property and deposits in banks outside Russia in exchange for exemption from criminal, administrative and tax responsibility. It was originally planned that the act Amnesty of capital will be until December 31, 2015, but later was extended for six months.

As he wrote in October of last year, the majority of private companies from the ranking of 500 largest companies registered in foreign jurisdictions. The most popular foreign jurisdictions for Russian business, Cyprus, the Netherlands and the British virgin Islands.

Renova group owns assets in the steel, construction, transport, chemical and telecommunications industries. The holding comprises 23 companies, including UC Rusal, “Russian communal systems”, “AKADO”, “Airports of regions” and other.