“Aeroflot” has launched online-service for finding lost Luggage

“Aeroflot” has launched online-service for finding lost Luggage

In order to use the new service, passengers must be listed on the website of the airline your name and unique code, assigned when preparing the document on failures for baggage.

MOSCOW, 28 Mar. “Aeroflot” has introduced an online service that gives you the opportunity to obtain information regarding the status of lost Luggage, under investigation, reported in “Aeroflot”.

“Aeroflot” has introduced a service that allows passengers to online track the status of lost & found service. … Service gives you the opportunity to obtain information regarding the status of baggage are wanted: found expected to arrive or has arrived. To do this you must enter your unique code that is assigned when preparing the document fault for the carriage of Luggage – Property Irregularity Report, and the surname”, — said the airline.

“During the implementation of this service compiled a database of agents ground handling network of routes “Aeroflot”, are responsible for baggage tracing. This allows you to quickly provide their contact passengers at any point where flights run by the airline”, — noted in “Aeroflot”.

Airlines of the world are struggling with the errors that occur with the baggage handling in air transport, innovations have allowed for 7 years to save 18 billion roubles. According to the annual SITA Baggage report 2015 Report, the number of mishandled baggage dropped from the 18,88 per thousand passengers in 2007 to 7.3 per thousand passengers in 2014, or by 61.3%.

The share of delayed baggage in the total number of incorrectly processed amounted in 2014 to more than 80%. The main reason for its late delivery was mistakes in the connection flights. In 2014, 49% of baggage was a transfer, and it 11,81 million units. Almost all bags and suitcases were returned to their owners within one-two days.

In accordance with the requirements of the resolutions of the International air transport Association IATA, which comes into force in 2018, in the coming years, air transport will be strengthened control over the baggage. The document instructs the IATA members “maintain a system of accurate accounting of all baggage, controlling receipt and delivery”. By 2017 approximately 69% of airlines will provide passengers the ability to track real-time location of your Luggage, including 66% through a smartphone app, experts believe SITA.