Aeroflot has ruled out the relocation of “Victory” at the airport Ramenskoye

Controlled Aeroflot loukoster “Victory” is ready to use a new Moscow airport Ramenskoye as its base provided that it be laid on the railroad, said the General Director “Aeroflot” Vitaly Savelyev in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” on Monday.

“As Ramensky — Yes, it is, we are ready for this, but we need the railway,” said Savelyev.

According to him, without the railroad to move to Ramenskoye will fail. “Russia is not the climate, and to carry passengers by any shuttles or buses is not an option for our low cost airline will lose passengers,” — said the head of “Aeroflot”.

Savelyev noted that the “Aeroflot” change the base airport is practically impossible. “For us, of course, Sheremetyevo native home,” he said.

At the present time for the “Victory” is Moscow Vnukovo airport. In the beginning of 2015, RIA Novosti citing a source in “Aeroflot” reported that the low-cost carrier could begin flights from Domodedovo. Official representative of “Victory,” then confirmed that the company is considering work in Domodedovo. In turn, the representative of the press service of Domodedovo airport said that the airport is considered premature information about a possible launch of its flights “Victory” from Domodedovo. The question is only in the discussion stage, he said.

The project of creating a fourth Moscow airport hub on the basis of Ramensky in the Moscow suburb of Zhukovsky were developed with 2013. The opening of the airport was scheduled for March 15, but, as wrote “Kommersant”, were replaced by testing with the participation of volunteers and one Sukhoi Superjet 100. The exact date of launch in Ramenskoye for passengers is yet to be determined, sources told the newspaper. According to them, the airport operator failed to find airlines willing to fly from Ramenskoye.