Banks one and a half times increased lending to the Russians in February

Russian banks intensified lending to individuals, by the end of February 2016, the number of newly issued credits exceeded 1.66 million, and their volume exceeded 210 billion rubles, according to United Credit Bureau (OKB). Compared with February of 2015, the number of newly granted loans grew by 49%, and their sum — just 59%.

“Positive dynamics was observed in all segments of retail lending”, — said General Director of the design Bureau Daniel Zelensky, explaining the rapid growth in the fact that in the beginning of 2015, the loan market revealed a “sharp decline”.

The highest rates of increase recorded in the segment of auto loans. The number of credits for car purchase in February 2016 rose at an annual rate of 87%, and the total amount of such loans more than doubled, from 5.7 bn to 11.5 bn With average size of loan rose from 664 to 715 thousand rubles. thousand rubles.

The total amount of newly issued loans in cash in January 2016 increased (compared with the same month of 2015) 82% (from 58.5 billion rubles to 106,6 billion rubles) and the amount of credits larger than 100 thousand roubles — at once on 92%. Only the Russians for the month it was issued more than 1 million “unconnected” loans which means they can send for any purpose.

In addition, in February 2016 were issued to Russians more than 564 thousand credit cards with a total limit of more than 19.3 billion rubles a Year earlier, banks gave out credit cards less willing, for February 2015, they were granted only 341 thousand, i.e. almost 40% less. However, increasing the number of issued credit cards, banks reduced limits on them — in the past year, the average limit on newly issued credit cards decreased from 39 to 34 thousand rubles.

The number of newly issued mortgage loans in February 2016 has increased at an annual rate of 28% (from 35 thousand to 44.8 thousand), their volume by 33% (from 53.5 billion rubles to 71 billion rubles). The average mortgage loan size increased from 1.53 to 1.59 million RUB.

“Against the background of recovery in the market is observed the growth of loan portfolios of banks. However, we do not expect active growth of the retail lending market in the course of this year, suggesting that banks will continue to work with the current client portfolio. According to our expectations with a positive forecast retail portfolio will grow by about 6%, mainly due to the mortgage loans. The portfolio of cash loans increased by 1%, and “card” portfolio by about 2.5%,” said Zelensky.

Earlier, the Central Bank reported that by the end of February 2016 the accumulated volume of credits issued to individuals decreased by 0.1%. According to data as of 1 March, it was estimated by the Central Bank in 10,603 trillion rubles, which is 4.4% less than it was a year earlier.

Held in March 2016 the Board of the Prosecutor General the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said that because of “predatory” lending many Russians in 2015 was “in a difficult and even critical situations”. The attorney General described the situation in the lending market as “disgraceful” and expressed particular displeasure with the actions of microfinance institutions, which borrowers often paid more than 1000% per annum.

“Thus the borrower was involved in debt, did not hesitate to Rob and the elderly” — said the Prosecutor General.

According to the Central Bank, in January 2016 weighted average rate on rouble-denominated loans granted by banks to the Russians were depending on the period for which issued the loan, 17,09% to 26.3% per annum for dollar — from 10,04% to 12,85%.