Facebook apologized to users for reporting on the terrorist attack in Lahore

Immediately after the terrorist attack in the Pakistani city of Lahore Facebook has started sending notifications to its users about the incident, to find out have they suffered in the explosion. In the end, however the message on their mobile phones got people who not only have never been to Pakistan, but never mentioned this country on their pages in social networks, reports Reuters.

“This error is contrary to the true objectives of the notification system. Apologies to all who mistakenly got the message”, – stated in the message Facebook.

“Safety check”, Facebook created by programmers, in the opinion of the creators is sent to people who are near the scene of any emergency. It is assumed that people receiving it will respond and thus quickly inform your family and friends, what happens to them.

In November last year Facebook had been criticized for “security Check”, because users received messages after the terrorist attack in Paris, but received nothing after the terrorist attack with many casualties in the Lebanese capital.

An explosion in a Park in Lahore occurred today at 16:44 GMT. A suicide bomber blew himself up not far from the Playground. During the attack 65 people were killed, 280 were injured of varying severity. Most of them women and children.

Responsibility for the attack took upon himself the organization “Jamat-ul-Ahrar” associated with the Afghan Taliban.