Game Mail.Ru check for mentioning the great Patriotic war

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) wrote a request to the company Mail.Ru Group concerning violation of the law “On advertising” (copy is available). The FAS considers the treatment of an individual who pointed out these irregularities in the distribution of advertising “Armored Warfare: the project “Armata” with the mention of the great Patriotic war of 1941-1945, the document says. Request dated March 15, signed by Deputy head of FAS Moscow Irina Gudkova. In a press-service Mail.Ru confirmed the fact of receipt of the request.

Mail.Ru (LLC “Mail.Ru”) shall give written explanations regarding the use of the advertising slogan “Your grandfather liberated the world, your father defended the world, what will you do?”, as well as “written explanations and additional materials on the merits of the question”.

In addition, the company shall provide to FAS a set of documents, including a copy of the order on appointment of the Director General, documented information regarding the TV channels, “subject to controversial advertising”, the record of the disputed advertisement, a contract for advertising with the advertisement, etc., should be out of circulation.

In the video, which appeared on television in the beginning of the year, there is no mention of the great Patriotic war, especially in the negative aspect that the company is and plans to tell the FAS, said the press service Mail.Ru Group. “We think we understand who instigated the request of the FAS and who is not the first time trying to play on such a significant topic,” said a company representative.

“Our competitors are so “timid” attitude towards the great Patriotic war, what they think is possible to derive from it the huge campaigns and thus to create the gaming mission, in which you can play not only Soviet, but also Nazi troops and win. This attempt to accuse us of breaking the law no more than another lame attempt to attack “the Project “Armata”, — told in a press-service, without having specified, about any of the competitors involved.

With the beginning of the year Mail.Ru opposed to another player in the market is a Cypriot company with Belarusian roots Wargaming, the developer of the popular online game World of Tanks. In January Mail.Ru launched promotional campaign “Armored Warfare: the project “Armata”, which offered bonuses to those players of World of Tanks who register in the “Armata” and will fight on any technique sixth level.

And in February, users drew attention to the action Wargaming in which the company offered its players to change the mailbox. “For a higher level of security advise you to change not just email, but also mailing service (, etc.)”, — stated in the message of the company.

Then Vice-President Mail.Ru Group Anna Artamonova called it “revenge”. “Wargaming is very unnerving popularity of our new project “Armata”, which operates in a similar niche with them and have been doing very well,” said she .

Wargaming uses this kind of methods and tactics, told PR-the Director of the company in the CIS Maxim Koltonyuk. According to him, in recent times it has become “trendy” to use the theme of the great Patriotic war: politicians, companies and other agencies base their ideology and promotion with the slogan “Grandfathers fought”. “The feat of our great nation as some kind of advertisement or advertising campaign may look and be understood ambiguously, since it is speculation,” he Koltonyuk. But thanks to such actions remains an opportunity to preserve history and pass it on to future generations, he said.

In advertising Mail.Ru given an inaccurate statement of historical facts, according to the partner of legal Bureau “Zamoskvorechye” Dmitry Shevchenko. According to him, the FAS could be alerted by the use of the image of the tank: in appearance it is more similar to German than Soviet, which in combination with the words “your grandfather liberated the world, your father defended the world” can cause undesired reaction of the older generation.

In advertising there is no explanation of what exactly “the father defended the world”, said Shevchenko, adding that sending to the younger generation it may seem disrespectful, because now there are young people who serve, and those who, for example, participated in operations in Syria. All this could trigger the appeal of the FAS, he said. The expert does not exclude that Mail.Ru will have to modify or withdraw the advertisement.

Violation of the law On advertising shall entail the imposition on legal entities of administrative fine from 100 thousand to 500 thousand rubles, said a senior lawyer of lawyer Bureau A2 Ekaterina ilina.

The representative of the FAS did not respond to a request .

Monday, March 28, Mail.Ru put an ad of the game “Project Armata” in the newspaper “Kommersant”, using the slogan MAKE LOVE NOT WOT, told the publication The company has posted the translation of the phrase — “Make love, not here”. WOT is the acronym of World of Tanks. “WoT is a steady expression Waste of Time (“Wasting time”)” — insists representative Mail.Ru in conversation with the publication.