German company interested in construction of the Kerch bridge

“Stroygazmontazh” (SGM) billionaire Arkady Rotenberg last week published a list of subcontractors for the construction of the Kerch bridge. Among them are LLC “Kras”, registered in St. Petersburg. According to the representative of “Karst”, the company will do pile Foundation and bridge supports, however, the volume and value of the contract he and the representative of the CMB did not elaborate.

According to SPARK, “Karst” on 100% belongs to the German company Adler Global, registered in the city of Kaltenkirchen in Germany. Adler Global also owns 100% of the Petersburg building holding “Old town — Karst”. The “Karst” and “Old town — Karst” the same registration address and phone of SPARK. But the representative of “Karst” argues that the “Stary Gorod — Karst” to the contract for the construction of the Kerch bridge.

Suspended sentence for the theft of 145 million rubles

German Adler Global became the 100% owner of “Karst” and “Old town — Karst” in August 2014. To Adler Global owner and CEO of “Karst” and “Old town — Karst” was Dmitry Korshunov. In August 2014 he was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for theft of 145 million rubles in the construction of “Zenit Arena”. Korshunov signed a pre-trial soglashenie with the investigation and has paid 5 million roubles, the Representative of “Karst” said that now the company has a new CEO — Alexey Berendeys.

In an extract from the entrepreneurial register in Germany indicated that the assets of Adler was Global in 2014 to €5.8 million On the company’s website indicated that it has a storage area of 400 sq m in Frankfurt, and a few buildings.

Who is behind Adler Global representative of “Karst” refused to comment. Representative Adler Global did not respond to calls and a written request .

If the German authorities become aware that a German company involved in the construction of the Kerch bridge, then against it can apply sanctions, says partner Paragon Advice Group Alexander Zakharov. “Most likely, the authorities first in a mild form recommend the company to refrain from participating in the project, but if she won’t listen, possible freezing of accounts, restriction of funding, prohibition of use of funds in the account and other measures,” lists Zakharov.

Formally, the EU has banned European companies to operate only on the territory of Crimea, that is if they will work by Taman, perhaps there is no breach, says international lawyer Vsevolod Miller. According to him, the EU considers the Ukrainian territory, 8 miles from the shores of the Crimea, then the sanctions do not apply.

According to Zakharova, no matter where physically will work the company from the Krasnodar region or the Crimean Peninsula, the risk of sanctions is still high. “We must remember that the purpose of this project is to connect Russia and Crimea, which the international community does not recognize Russian”, — says the lawyer.

The representative of “Karst” refused to comment on the risks to shareholders associated with a ban European companies to work in Crimea.

Who else builds a bridge to the Crimea

“Stroygazmontazh” was selected without a bidding General contractor for construction of Kerch bridge in January 2015. The total cost of the project is 228,3 billion rubles. the Largest sub – contract- by 96.9 billion rubles from the sum received Mostotrest. Also among subcontractors – “Mostootryad № 75”, “Krasnodargazstroy” (part of CMB), “Mostdorstroy”, “CSC Group”, Novosibirsk “Firm DECO” and “Gidropromstroi”.