Media find communication the biggest seller of vodka, and the Bank of Putin’s classmate

The company “Status Groups”, which became in 2015 the biggest seller of vodka in Russia, has been with the Bank classmate of Russian President Vladimir Putin and former subordinates and business partners of the head of Rosalkogolregulirovanija Igor Juana, the investigation of the newspaper “Vedomosti” published on Monday.

As writes the edition, before joining the FSUE “Rosspirtprom” in 2002, Igor Chuyan was co-owner of the company “Prodintorg”, and its partners, including, were Kriskovic Igor and Vladimir Lavrentev. In 10 years, “Prowinter” was sold to a certain Corporation from the USA, after which is eliminated. Since the mid-2000s, the businessmen represented the interests of “Rosspirtprom” in the boards of Directors vodka factories. Kriskovic by 2006 became the General Director of factory “the Crystal”, while state-controlled. The Directors of “Rosspirtprom” also became the assistant Juana Roman Adamek and Gennady Grigoriev — the Manager of the trading house “Sparkling wines”, founded by Cuanam in 1995.

However, they continued to engage in private projects that are written in the investigation. In 2007, former subordinates CWANA are co-owners of the company green point. Their partners were minority shareholders of OFK Bank, the main shareholder of which is a classmate of Vladimir Putin, a lawyer and partner of advocates ‘ Bureau “Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasev and partners” Nikolay Egorov, the newspaper said. Since 2011, they have a distributor company “gold manufacture”. In 2013 she became one of the largest distributors in the alcoholic market, setting a record for revenue in 10.68 billion roubles, but already in 2014, revenues “Gold factory” fell to 2.5 billion rubles, and in the end of 2015 the company was declared bankrupt. After that, market leader has become a “Status group”.

Among the owners of “Status groups” no representatives of OFK Bank, no partners Chuana, but, according to “Vedomosti”, the company has a lot in common with “the Gold manufactory”. In “Status groups” are some of the managers of the “Gold factory”, the phone that was listed in the registration information of the first company, listed in the “Contacts” section on the website second, and Elektronnyi postal address of “Status-group” linked to the domain I used “the Gold manufactory” and belongs, according to the company “green point,” the newspaper said. In addition, the newspaper notes, nearly half of the alcohol brands that sells “Status-group”, used to sell “the gold manufactory”. Eight of them, including the “Old brand” and “Squirrel”, belong to “green point”. In the fall of 2015 green point issued three-year non-exclusive license to use all such marks “Rosspirtprom” and the issued sub-licenses to two Ossetian plants and 10 plants of Kabardino-Balkaria. Produced vodka factories were sold to local wholesale companies and those supplying products for the “Status-group”, “Vedomosti”.

The newspaper’s source, close to “Rosspirtprom”, said that “the Gold manufactory” and “Status group” “no connection”. The press service of “Rosspirtprom” has reported that the company never had any dealings with “the Gold manufactory”. To disclose the terms of the license agreements with the “green point” and factories, the representative of the state-owned companies declined.

“Status-group” was registered back in 2012, but became a prominent player in the market since 2014, when she switched brands “the Gold manufactory” “Belochka: I have come!”, “Height”, “Kalinka”, etc. In 2015, the company managed to become the leader of the Russian vodka market, overtaking sales of such giants as Roust and “synergy”.

In “Status-group” is not called the name of the owner, indicating only that “the beneficiary company is a well-known businessman, not afishiruet their attitude to the company”. Three sources in the alcoholic market from among top managers of private companies were told that the creation of a “Status group” is the former co-owner of metalloinvest, Vasily Anisimov, the billionaire (No. 1476 in the global ranking of billionaires according to Forbes, state — $1.2 billion). Anisimov itself this information is not confirmed, noting that only “takes stock of the distribution business of the company”.

In November, the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko has proposed to check the information about the relationship with the business leadership Rosalkogolregulirovanie with alcohol business. The response is delayed due to the transfer Identified in the submission from the government to the Finance Ministry, told “Vedomosti” employee of the device of Council of Federation. “The head of the PAP will not participate in business projects and is not an investor”, — said the press service of the Ministry on the question of the possible interest Chuana to “Status groups”.