Media reported about the possible appointment of Advisor to Putin’s head of SOGAZ

Anton Ustinov has already presented the role of the new head of SOGAZ’s Central Bank and has managed to communicate with a number of major clients of the insurance group, reports the newspaper “Kommersant”, citing a source in the government.

The source publication called the Ustinov a team person of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin. In 2008-2012 he was actually the Deputy head of the Secretariat Sechin, who was Deputy Prime Minister of the government. Later Ustinov has held the position of head of the legal Department of the Federal tax service. In 2012 he became adviser to Vladimir Putin, overseeing a presidential Commission on fuel and Energy complex.

According to the newspaper’s source in the presidential administration, the appointment at a large insurance company existing staff Sechin could mean “the beginning of the redistribution of financial flows”.

The arrival of Anton Ustinov in SOGAZ will help Rosneft to gain access to additional funding, according to sources. Part of the SOGAZ may be redistributed for the benefit of business “Rosneft” — as through placement of Bank deposits associated with the company and through purchases of its securities and securities of its subsidiaries.

As the current head of SOGAZ, the son of the head of the presidential administration Sergei Ivanov, according to, he will go to the savings Bank as senior Vice President and will oversee the insurance business.

“It is expected that Ivanov will be responsible for the development of “wealth Management”. (The Head Of Sberbank German. —) Gref has long been looking for the person who will pick up this important direction for the Bank. Now he oversees Petr Koltypin, who is responsible for the territorial development of Sberbank”, — said the interlocutor. According to him, the head of Sberbank “Ivanova looked after, when the government discussed the candidates for the post of head of VEB, Ivanov was one of them.”

Another interviewee, a source close to “Sberbank insurance”, confirmed that Gref has long been seeking a person, who has headed the unit “wealth Management” — almost immediately after leaving the savings Bank Denis Bugrov, senior Vice-President developed this unit. Left Bugrov Sberbank in the spring of last year.