Pamfilova expressed reluctance “to please anyone” at the head of the CEC

Elected today as head of the Central election Commission Ella Pamfilova said on air of the TV channel “Russia-24”, not about “pleasing everyone”. According to Pamfilova, she is ready for the criticism.

“Please I’m not like anyone I’m not going to fuss and not going. The main thing is to make it so you were not ashamed before the people that had a clear conscience that I knew everything I could, I did with my colleagues that the elections were not compromised, ” said Pamfilova (quoted by “Interfax”).

It also noted that ready that “after some period of time I will listen to the large flow of criticism”. However, in the case when criticized on the merits, “we need time to correct some action, not to be offended,” added the new Chairman of the CEC.

“I, and engaging in human rights activities, was ready (to criticism) <…> some would say that serve the government, and someone says “fifth column”. Always some kind of extremes,” said Pamfilova.

Ella Pamfilova was elected to the post of Chairman of the CEC this morning. She was succeeded by Vladimir Churov, which was not included in the new Commission