Rosfinmonitoring has documented the flow of illegal operations in large banks

The increase in the number of appeals to the Federal financial monitoring service shows that suspicious transactions of customers began to flow from small credit institutions with revoked license in the big banks. About it at conference “Bank system of Russia in 2016: practical issues of supervision and regulation,” said the Deputy Director of the office Galina Bobrysheva, reports “RIA Novosti”.

“The legal economy is experiencing some difficulties, and I want to say that a fever and an informal sector. We observe that it flows from small and medium-sized private banks, whose licenses were revoked, in large banks with a developed branch network, is an attempt above all to hide from the staring eyes of compliance,” said Bobryshev.

According to her, from the beginning of 2016, the number of messages has increased almost twice in comparison with the same period last year and amounted to almost 3 million.

“This is not due to the increase of the volume (it is likely to be along the same lines), and the fact that those high-risk clients who worked in banks with revoked licenses, do not fall into our field of vision”, — said the Deputy Director of Rosfinmonitoring. “Engaged and involved banks out of the market. And they are messages, typically, sent”, — she explained.

Bobryshev said that it is primarily about transit operations and the cash. For 2,5 months of current year the flow of transit operations, which are identified on the basis of crediting an account from a large number of other persons subsequent retirement, has increased three times, while the volume of cashing — twice.

In addition, in 2016, doubled the number of operations for which clients do not want to disclose information, keep her or provide false information. The volume of such transactions increased five times, said Bobryshev.

In early February, the Chairman of the Bank of Russia Dmitry Skobelkin has informed that the regulator note the Exodus of illegal activity from the banking sector, including in retail chains. The Chairman linked with a fivefold increase in fees for cashing, which is also recorded in the Central Bank.