Sechin announced the increase of investment program of “Rosneft” up to 1 trillion rubles.

Investment in Rosneft in 2016 will increase by 51% compared to 2015 year — on-year to 660 billion rubles to about 1 trillion rubles, said the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a meeting on Monday. Transcript of the meeting published on the Kremlin website.

Thus, as follows from the transcript, Sechin said that in 2016 the investment program of the state company “will be increased by approximately 30%” by 2015. When asked Putin, he noted that in 2015, annual investment amounted to about 660 billion rubles, and in 2016 he will “reach about a trillion”.

“This will create more jobs, opportunity development, mainly in the fields in Eastern Siberia, which we plan to introduce in two or three years, when the market will stabilize”, — said the head of “Rosneft”.

That the investment program of “Rosneft” in 2016 will be increased by one third, Sechin said in his new year speech in December. In October 2014 Vice-President “Rosneft” Svyatoslav Slavinsky said the company’s investment in 2015-2016 will grow from $8 billion to $10 billion, passed TASS.

In October, Gazprom increased its investment program for 2015 at 238,6 billion roubles — up to 1.04 trillion rubles. the Total investment of Gazprom in 2016 was estimated at 842 billion, reported holding in December.