The Kremlin has warned of impending “information stuffing” against Putin

Press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov said that against the Russian leadership, primarily President Vladimir Putin in the coming days is “the information discharge that claims the objectivity and sensationalism”.

“Once the information discharge that claims the objectivity and sensationalism, is preparing in the coming days. We received a very unctuous-kind requests made in interrogation manner in fact”, — said Peskov reporters, the correspondent.

He noted that “we [the Kremlin’s] point of view on some public organizations, non-governmental organizations, special services, private media has joined in the election campaign in our country actually even before the campaign began”. “It is noteworthy that I have mentioned are not slowing down the momentum, they continue to actively seek to influence our country, they continue to attempt to sway public opinion. Continue the policy to actually using various unscrupulous techniques to discredit the leadership of our country, first of all President Putin,” said Peskov.

According to the press Secretary, “the effectiveness of these efforts, these attacks are not too great, however the companions are well-tested and well-known schemes”.