The largest media holdings have agreed to create a single seller of advertising

The largest Russian media holdings — VGTRK, “First channel”, “Gazprom-media” and national media group re-agreed to establish a single seller of advertising. This is stated on the website of “Gazprom-media”.

Joint venture company will sell advertising on the TV channels these holdings. As noted in the message of the holding, “the purpose of the Alliance is the appearance of a single trading platform, which will take into account the interests of the TV industry and will allow to balance the interests of advertisers and broadcasters in the conditions of crisis”.

Each of the four holdings will own 25% each in the new company. The Alliance may also join the holding company “STS Media” — the partners will discuss the opportunity after the completion of its restructuring. At the end of 2015 “STS Media” has changed owners and the jurisdiction of his parent company was the Russian.

As noted in the message “Gazprom-media”, corporate and legal aspects of creating a sale will be completed before the end of the second quarter of 2016.

The idea of creating a single sale actively promoted in 2014, Mikhail Lesin, head of the holding “Gazprom-media”. Siller was created, but after the departure of Lesina from “Gazprom-media” has actually collapsed. As noted in today’s message “Gazprom-media”, the initiative “in considerable detail since 2014 and now, with the downturn in the advertising market and rising costs of broadcasters”.

In the project Mikhail Lesin, a single seller had to be created on the basis of the largest Russian Agency for the sale of advertising Vi. To lead the company was Director Vi Sergey Vasilev. The legal structure of the seller was different — it has four media holdings was owned by 20% of the company, and 20% management new seller.

Vi then sold advertising on nine terrestrial channels (First channel, REN TV, “channel five”, TV-3, Friday, 2 x 2, W, Disney and “Carousel”) and VGTRK (Russia 1, Russia 2, etc.) and holding “STS Media” (STS, “Home”, “Pepper” and CTC Love) had a so-called consulting services. Advertising on TV “Gazprom-media” sold internal sales house of the holding. After the arrival of Lesina in “Gazprom-media” competition between sellers actually came to nothing. The project to create a single sale meant that Vi will absorb the sales house “Gazprom-media”.

Legally new Siller was created and even began to sell advertising on the channel, including “Gazprom-media”. However, after the departure of Lesina new management “Gazprom-media” has revived the sales house. It came back and former head Sergey Piskarev, who retired from “Gazprom-media” in Lesina.

According to the newspaper “Vedomosti”, now the Vi will not absorb the sales house “Gazprom-media”, we are talking about unification. According to the publication, the new company will be headed by none Sergei Vasiliev nor Sergey Piskarev. The head of the seller, according to one of the sources of “Vedomosti”, can be Oganes Sobolev, one of the founders of Vi.

New Siller, say “Vedomosti”, will control about 90% of TV advertising in the country. According to the Association of communication agencies of Russia (ACAR), the income from TV advertising declined in 2015 by 14% to 136,7 billion rubles.