The police released a suspected case of terrorist attacks in Belgium journalist

As reported by the Federal Prosecutor of Belgium, in a statement quoted by Belgian publication that journalist Faisal the Audience, previously detained on suspicion of involvement in the terrorist attacks in Brussels, released.

According to the Prosecutor, the evidence that led to the arrest of the journalist, “not confirmed”. As the newspaper notes, after the arrest the Front, the police raided his house, but weapons or explosives there could not be found.

The audience was detained by police on Friday, 25 March, and the next day he was charged with participation in a terrorist group, committing terrorist acts, murders and attempted murders.

To his arrest police pushed a few factors, emphasizes the publication. First, he was noticed near the metro station “Maelbeek” some time after there happened an explosion. Eyewitnesses said that the facial expression of the Audience was surprisingly quiet, whereas the majority, the people who were there were shocked. However, the police revealed that the Audience lives near the station “Maelbeek”, and his presence near the scene of the explosion can be explained by simple curiosity.

The police have confused the biography of Schiff. Earlier it was suspected of trying to recruit refugees. In addition, the police found that he was associated with suspicious people. The audience was familiar with the staff of the airport of Brussels, where on March 22, two bombs exploded. Also surrounded by the journalist was discovered the man who returned from Morocco shortly before the terrorist attacks. This familiar to the Audience before returning from Morocco sent his girlfriend a message saying, “I’m tired of living, I’ll blow yourself up”.


However, as was established by the police that morning when the attacks happened, Scheff went to work. And he could not, as stated earlier, to be one of the participants of the terrorist attack at the Brussels airport.

Previously the Belgian newspaper Le Soir reported that to calculate the Scheff was possible thanks to the testimony of the taxi driver who picked him and two alleged perpetrators of the terrorist attack at the airport of Brussels. On the surveillance cameras police found the entire route to the Front from his home to the place where he sat in a taxi, claimed edition

Faisal the Audience was considered as an independent journalist, who worked, in particular, for the Journal du Musulman. For example, last year, he noted the investigation in which he spoke about the Moroccan prisoners, in prison not allowed to eat according to the rules of the Holy month of Ramadan.

The attacks in Brussels on 22 March: two explosions have thundered at the airport of Zaventem, then one at the metro station “Maelbeek”. According to official statistics, the total death toll reached 35 people, including three terrorists. 340 people were injured. The responsibility for what happened assumed “Islamic state” (its activity is prohibited in Russia).