The Swiss Prosecutor’s office found no crime in the actions of the son Seagull

Check Swiss investigators conducted upon request of the Foundation for fighting corruption Alexei Navalny, who claimed that the son of the Russian Prosecutor General Chaika Artem supposedly could do in Switzerland, laundering criminal money, taken out from Russia, informs the newspaper “Kommersant”.

The trial was conducted over two and a half months and ended on 4 March. The Federal Prosecutor’s office of Switzerland has written in the FBC and Artem Chaika official messages which said that the son of Prosecutor General of Russia indeed has a business and property in this country. “However, no specific facts that would confirm the activities relating to money laundering, it wasn’t revealed”,— is spoken in the decision of the Swiss procuracy.

In the paper indicated that the authorities failed to establish the illegality of the means by which disposed of Artyom Chaika, and that was a prerequisite for the initiation of criminal proceedings.

Lawyer Ruslan Shumakov Seagulls confirmed the fact of its receiving by the customer from Switzerland about the lack of complaints about him from the Swiss Prosecutor’s office. He also pointed out that Artem Chaika himself appealed to the authorities in Greece because of the FBC publications and received the answer from Athens, confirming the legality held in that country trades. According to the newspaper, it is about the acquisition of the hotel on the island of Crete.

According to sources, “Kommersant”, the home of the Seagulls in Switzerland is not completed, and the law firm, headed by former police official, virtually no effect.