“Aeroflot” has thought about the increase in ticket prices

“Aeroflot” has thought about the increase in ticket prices

Moscow. March 28. Aeroflot may raise the prices of tickets due to the growth of tariffs for services of the airports, but it requires analysis and monitoring of the market, said General Director of airline Vitaly Savelyev in an interview with TV channel “Russia 24” on Monday.

“Price is a weighted thing, we will watch the market. Of course, if all up, we have to do something. But what we do will not. But in the loss can not fly. If we can not cope with production costs, we obtain explicitly the loss, we can’t afford,” said Savelyev.

“Sheremetyevo” (the base airport of the carrier) leads to a reasonable increase of tariffs, on average 7.5% and as a company, we understand that airports need to raise fares because they need to recoup the investment and the borrowed funds that they borrow to invest in the development of the airport. But we should all understand that any company, including Aeroflot, – the last extreme (chain) the provision of services to passengers. And when all providers in the chain lift services – oil companies, handlers and airport service – then we all should put in a ticket”, – said the head of the company.

But there is a risk that “a passenger may not fly, not to raise the price,” said Savelyev.

“And we are telling airports: guys, don’t do it. Therefore, we must be very careful,” he said, adding that the company had approached the government asking to pay attention to this issue.

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As reported, on February 21, entered into force order of the Federal Antimonopoly service, which has deregulated fees for take-off / landing, aviation security, mooring and services terminal building at the airports of Moscow aviation hub.

Major airports immediately took advantage of this opportunity. “Domodedovo” in March raised the fee for take-off / landing by 15%, aviation safety was 26 per cent, from March 30 will raise the fee for airport terminal for international lines by 27%, and for internal – just 43 percent, said the Manager of the Russian airline and confirmed the representative of the airport, the newspaper”Vedomosti” on Monday. “Sheremetyevo” since the first of April will raise the rate on take-off / landing by 12%, for aviation safety – three percent, at the airport terminal at nine percent, the newspaper said managers of the two carriers.

As a result, for medium-haul aircraft at 60-70% the cost of the flight in “Domodedovo” will grow by about 12 thousand rubles., Sheremetyevo – six thousand roubles, an increase of almost 20% and ten percent, respectively, calculated Manager of one of the carriers.

According to the representative of S7 Airlines of Natalia Fileway, first, the relevant additional cost will fall on airlines, then click on the state.