Belgium agreed to U.S. participation in the investigation of the terrorist attacks in Brussels

The Belgian authorities investigating the terrorist attack at the Brussels airport and metro, will receive assistance from colleagues from the USA, reports The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources.

The FBI began its own investigation of the Brussels terrorist attack immediately after it became known that the explosions killed U.S. citizens.

U.S. officials told WSJ that in the last days the Bureau has intensified its work, and it happened after Belgium began more actively to share their information. In particular, the interlocutors noted the WSJ, Belgian police have shared with the FBI copies of the hard drives from laptops and mobile phones.

“They are more open to help, they begin to realize that they need help,” said one of the sources of the WSJ.

March 24, Reuters, citing its own sources reported that after a series of terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015, U.S. officials tried to get the Belgian colleagues for more information about the investigation, but they did not come into contact with.

According to interlocutors of Agency, the Belgian side called bad Washington suggested the date of negotiations, and explained the unwillingness to meet the strong employment.

The attacks in Brussels on 22 March 2016. First, explosions have thundered at the airport of Zaventem, then a suicide bomber detonated a bomb at the metro station “Maalbeek” in the center of the city. The attack killed 35 people, 340 people were injured.

Now, the Belgian law enforcement bodies have three suspects that may be involved in terrorist attacks, however, it is still unknown the degree of involvement in the preparations for the attack of each of them.