Captured Egyptian plane left a few women and children

Airbus A320 EgyptAir, which was stolen on the way from Alexandria to Cairo and landed on the demand of the hijackers in Cyprus Larnaca, began to leave the people. It is reported Associated Press with reference to the official representative of the Cypriot authorities.

According to him, the hijackers, whose number is still not established, were allowed to leave the Board to women and children. How many people were able to leave the plane, determine it is not yet possible, followed from the statements of Cypriot officials.

Earlier that the hijackers agree to release women and children, reported in a Twitter reporter for The Guardian, Helena Smith. According to her, the Larnaca airport was closed after landing a hijacked EgyptAir flight. On my way there now, the Ministers of defense, transport and foreign Affairs of Cyprus.

Earlier, a source in AP the government of Cyprus announced that from hijackers received only one requirement — to drive away from the aircraft and police cars. Other requirements were reported.

Airbus A320 EgyptAir, carrying out flight MS181 from Alexandria to Cairo, was captured this morning in the skies over Egypt. On Board is 81 passengers, be seen from the latest data, which was presented by the Egyptian authorities. Still no exact information about the number of hijackers.

Earlier, Reuters wrote about one armed man on Board, and source the Associated Press advanced the theory that the invaders may be more than one.

Citing the Ministry of civil aviation of Egypt, Reuters reported that a passenger with a suicide belt threatened the pilot. The statement of the government of Cyprus referred to the likelihood that an aircraft may bomb.

The motive that guided the hijackers and their demands are still unknown, stresses Associated Press.