In Russia began pre-orders for the new iPhone

Russian retailers have started taking pre-orders for the new smartphone from Apple — iPhone SE — Tuesday, March 29. Sales will start in Russia on 5 April. SE the cost of the iPhone with a storage capacity of 16 GB is 37,9 thousand rubles, with 64 GB — 47.9 thousand rubles. iPhone SE was the first with 2013 smartphone from Apple with a four-inch display as the iPhone 5S, but retained most of the technical characteristics of the latest generation of Microsoft gadgets — the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus.

About the beginning of accepting pre-orders said the representatives of Svyaznoy, Euroset, M. Video, Eldorado, re:Store and mobile networks of the Russian operators “the big three” — “VympelCom” (“Beeline” brand, also manages the retailer “Know-How”), MTS and MegaFon. While VimpelCom will not take pre-orders all over Russia, and only in 19 cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Retailers will not undertake to predict the exact number of pre-orders and potential demand for the new iPhone. In “Eldorado” do not expect large volumes of sales, because “the new model is not revolutionary but more evolutionary,” said company representative Yulia Zavyalova. VimpelCom is preparing for a “traditionally high interest in the new Apple”, said the representative of the company Anna Imasheva, without revealing specific figures.

On demand iPhone SE will be affected by several factors: the device more affordable, it has the key advantages of the flagship models — for example, the smartphone same as iPhone 6S, the processor (A9) and a 12-megapixel camera, adds a representative Svyaznoy Maria Zaikina. According to her, devices with screen size of 4 inches are popular in Russia — they took a third piece of smartphone sales by the end of 2015. However, senior analyst of IDC Natalia Vinogradova disagree: according to her, the share of devices with a diagonal of 4.7–5.5 inch “considerably more” than the gadgets with a screen 3.5–4 inches. This is due to habits in consumption, said Vinogradov: “In the current realities it is difficult to imagine the modern consumer who would prefer to utilize social networking, games, video, Internet on the device with a screen size of 4 inches”.

The demand for new Apple devices, and in 2015 will depend on the competitive situation, including the availability on the market of the cheaper models of devices running on iOS, according to the representative of MTS Dmitry Solodovnikov. Apple offers on the Russian market several models of iPhone, said the representative of “Euroset” Ulyana Smolskaya. Now the oldest model on sale — the iPhone 5S, the device is in average 25 thousand rbl., follows from the information on the websites of large retailers.

“We can assume that demand for the device will be limited,” says Vinogradova. Although Apple is promoting the new gadget as a budget, it’s hard to call that smartphone for 37,9 thousand rubles, she said. According to her, in the market there are devices “much cheaper” and with a bigger screen. Minimum price of iPhone SE significantly above the average cost of a smartphone, says the head of the Department of cellular and digital devices J’son & Partners Consulting Eugene Almenov, which also does not expect high sales of the new gadget. However, a lower cost smartphone will allow Apple to more effectively compete with manufacturers of devices on the Android operating system, he said.

The start of sales of the new model, most likely, in General will raise the total revenue of Apple, believes Smolsky. The release of new iPhone models is unlikely to help Apple to significantly affect the decline in sales of smartphones in Russia, says Vinogradov. Delivery of Apple smartphones to Russia in 2015 decreased by 40,4% compared to 2014 in terms of unit shipments (according to IDC).

The number of previous pre-orders the latest Apple news on sale in Russia in October of 2015 — the iPhone 6S is in the “Connected” surpassed that of flagship smartphones from all manufacturers, which was released in 2015 together, recalls Zaikina. In “M. Video” the number of pre-orders for the iPhone 6S was smaller than the previous version of the iPhone 6, said company representative Yulia Zotova. The iPhone 6 was a completely new device, which is awaited by many shoppers, and especially fans of the brand, she explains. M. Video expects about the same number of pre-orders for the new model, the iPhone 6S, Zotov said, without revealing specific figures. Other retailers did not disclose data about the pre-orders for the iPhone 6S.

To compare the numbers of pre-orders and sales iPhone SE and other models of smart phones Apple is not quite true, as they entered the market at different seasons and under different market conditions, said Zaikina. “iPhone 6S came out in the fourth quarter of the year, when demand for gadgets maximum. SE iPhone hit the market in more quiet from the point of view of the demand season,” she said.

In MTS, the demand for the flagship iPhone 6S overall was twice lower than on the iPhone 6, says Solodovnikov. This is due, in particular, with the price at the end of 2014, the Russians falling ruble have considered a new smartphone as an investment, he said. IPhone 6S sales in Russia were “significantly lower” than the iPhone 6, confirms Aldanov: “smartphones from Apple have become too expensive for potential buyers”. In General, all models of the iPhone has brought the Russian retailers in 2015 27% of revenue from total sales of smartphones, estimated “the Messenger”, and this is the best indicator among all brands of smart phones.