New leading human rights activist found in fraction Mironov

The candidate of the state Duma

The Deputy from “Fair Russia” Tatiana Moskalkova, the most probable candidate on a post of the Commissioner for human rights, said two people close to the leadership of the lower house of Parliament. Itself Moskalkova said that there were different candidates.

The place of the Ombudsman was released after Ella Pamfilova headed the Central election Commission. Now until may 28, a new AP must choose the state Duma. Faction now serves in the Committee on constitutional legislation proposals.

The United Russia party told the newspaper “Kommersant” Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Galina Karelova, the Communists — the first Deputy Chairman of the Committee on education Oleg Smolin. The leader “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov called Moskalkova among the possible nominees of the party for the post of Ombudsman in an interview to “Russia 24” on Tuesday evening. Representatives of the liberal democratic party said they have discussed different options of candidates for the post.

Most likely, from the proposals of the factions and will be made the final choice, know the sides , close to the leadership of the lower house and United Russia. Pamfilova deputies in 2014 was recommended by the President.

The socialist-revolutionaries

Moskalkova is from the opposition party, and therefore may oppose the officials, says MP on condition of anonymity. In addition, Moskalkova have experience of human rights work, she dealt with the pardon in Soviet times, he says. In Moskalkova plus the fact that in 1999, she ran for the lower house from the party “Yabloko”, which is traditionally close to the defenders, said the source . Moskalkova itself did not respond to calls and messages correspondent .

A source in the leadership of “United Russia” confirms that, most likely, the new authorized will not be their candidate. The Ombudsman’s work does not imply loyalty to the government, this person should oppose the officials, says United Russia. Moskalkova he calls “a worthy man”, for which the party could vote.

The Ombudsman could become a Communist or “Yabloko”, but the representatives of these forces have held the position, says a source close to the Duma’s leadership. He recalled that in the period 1998-2004 was authorized MP from the Communist Oleg Mironov, and replaced him one of the founders of Yabloko Vladimir Lukin. Accordingly, it is the turn of the LDPR or “Fair Russia”, but the socialist-revolutionaries more worthy candidate, said a source in the Duma.

“In our polisistem already has a tradition to give a certain priority of the opposition in the development of the institution of the Commissioner for human rights and, accordingly, elect for the post of representatives of the major opposition parties. I guess it would be right to preserve this tradition in the work of the most important political institution”, — said the head close to the Kremlin Fund ISAPI Dmitry Badovsky.

The Ombudsman for social policy

A new Commissioner may continue the course Pamfilova on the extension of approaches to understanding human rights activities, says Badovsky. According to him, in the current circumstances, citizens are not so much political, how many social rights.

A source close to the Duma’s leadership, also said that when choosing possible candidates of the party were looking for someone who is rather immersed in a social rather than a political agenda. “All the polls show the problems of education and health care about people more than political,” he said. Moskalkova, according to him, many were engaged in social problems in the Duma. For example, the Deputy suggested to forbid hostels in residential areas, to make headstones for veterans at the expense of the budget, to enter social guarantees to heroes of socialist labor.

A female officer

Moskalkova worked as a consultant in the division of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. After that she moved to the Ministry of internal Affairs, where he rose to the knowledge of major General and held senior positions in the legal office. In addition Moskalkova — Chairman of the Board “Women Officers of Russia”. In the Duma she came in 1999, where he was elected with the support of “Apple”. Now she is in “Fair Russia”.

After the protest punk band Pussy Riot in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior Moskalkova proposed to introduce into the criminal code article “attempt at morality”, but associates the initiative was not supported. Moskalkova — adherent women in the army, advocated the extension of police powers to use weapons, offered to deduct a day in jail for two after the sentence, supported the idea of Chechen parliamentarians to confiscate the property of relatives of terrorists.

“I can’t describe. I believe that parliamentarians, people with a party background, it is necessary to continue to carry on his political activities, rather than human rights, they are quite different activities,” said Chairman of the Council for human rights at the President Michael Fedotov.

“Moskalkova — an experienced lawyer, in most cases occupying the position of human rights, adequate people,” agrees Deputy Chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” Mikhail Emelyanov.