Russia has filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Finance for the growth of inflation above the planned

In Moscow regional court of St. Petersburg received a complaint from a resident of the Leningrad region, the Novel of Pak to the state Duma, the Ministry of Finance and the Federal Treasury Department of the Leningrad region. Pak considers itself affected by inflation, which proved higher than was included in the Federal budget for 2014. About it reports the edition with reference to information of the court. The amount of the claim is 23 thousand 495 rubles 50 kopecks.

The applicant’s lawyer Tatyana Minka said that Pak demands to hold officials accountable for the failure of the Federal law 349-FZ “On the Federal budget for 2014 and on planning period 2015 and 2016” in which inflation was assumed at the 5% level.

“He demands to compensate damages incurred due to critical differences in the interest rates of inflation in the period from 2014 to 2016 promised by the state, and their level,” said Manka “RIA Novosti”.

According to the lawyer, in July 2014, Pak planned to save up 32 thousand rubles, in 2016 to buy a compressor and a welding machine for repairing the roof of a country house, and this amount was calculated taking into account the greatest possible appreciation, spelled out in the law on the budget.

In March 2016, the Complainant learned that the equipment that he was going to buy it for 32 thousand rubles is now worth 56,2 thousand rubles, that is, the loss in the form of lost profits amounted to more than 23 thousand rbl., the lawyer said.

According to her, the requirements of the Pack “is not limited to simple compensation for material losses”.

“This claim is interesting because it raises a global issue about conditions of observance of public civil contract of society and the state <…> My client indicates that the state authorities of the Russian Parliament, the economic block of the government of the Russian Federation — must meet its obligations before the citizens,” said Minka.

As written, the results of 2015 inflation in Russia amounted to 12.9%.