Some of the powers of the new President of AVTOVAZ will give the Deputy Chemezov

At the next meeting of shareholders of AVTOVAZ in June will consider the issue of changing the structure of management, said two sources at AVTOVAZ and a person close to one of shareholders of factory. The company will have a new leadership position was to control social issues and liaison with government agencies. Before these directions were answered by the President of the plant. As it will be called the office, the interlocutors do not speak. All operational issues associated with the production of vehicles will remain the responsibility of the President of AVTOVAZ.

Two main shareholders of AVTOVAZ — “rostech” and Renault-Nissan already agreed on a renewed governance structure and agreed that the candidate for the new position will be nominated by the Corporation, tell the interlocutors . Rostec already decided on the person is the Deputy CEO of rostec Sergey Skvortsov. That the candidate Skvortsova considered for this position, reported Forbes.

According to interlocutors , starlings should join the Board of AVTOVAZ. According to the Charter of the plant, this issue is within the competence of the Board of Directors. But for the transfer of part of presidential powers will need to amend the Charter of the company. For such amendments must vote three-quarters of those present at the shareholders ‘ meeting with a quorum of more than 50%, said the partner of legal Bureau “Padva and Epshtein” Pavel Gerasimov. AvtoVAZ to 74.5 percent owned by Alliance Rostec Auto B. V. whose shareholders are Renault-Nissan (67,1%) and “rosteh” (32,9%).

The idea of separation of powers of the President of AVTOVAZ appeared after AVTOVAZ reported record losses of 74 billion rubles by the end of 2015. Due to a record loss of AVTOVAZ shareholders had to make a decision on its recapitalization. After that rostec insisted on early termination of the contract with the current President of the plant Bo Andersson (he left the company April 4), the Board of Directors took the decision on March 15. The shareholders have agreed that operational control of AVTOVAZ would do a foreigner (since 4 April, the plant will be headed by Nicolas Moore from the Romanian Dacia), and social issues and GR — Russian.

Starlings, in particular, will be responsible for the reduction and optimization of staff at AVTOVAZ, said the interlocutors . Mass layoffs in Togliatti automobile plant, started in 2014, has caused discontent Chemezov. For 2014-2015, the automaker reduced the staff by about 19 thousand people, to 48 thousand employees (28% of the workforce). Personnel policy of AVTOVAZ was one of the reasons for the dismissal Andersson. To prevent a repetition of the situation in the future, the Corporation enters into the management structure of their own, said a source at AVTOVAZ.

The President of Romania

New challenges

The Board of Directors of AVTOVAZ on March 15 adopted as the new company President, Nicolas Mora, who was earlier a post of the President of the Romanian automaker Dacia, part of Renault-Nissan. Before the Birthday the challenge is to create a highly competitive product, increase market share and provide an effective process of downloading of the Russian production of the component base. “All of these tasks will be facing the new leader. We expect he deal with them”, — said the head of Rostec Sergey Chemezov.

Renault in 2000

A 56-year-old Mora degrees in mathematics and engineer and an MBA. In the structures he is working with Renault 2000: started as Director of purchasing of parts and accessories to the Vice-President of Renault-Nissan purchasing of engines, gearboxes and transmissions. From 2006 to 2008 he was Director of the Dacia plant in Romania, and in January 2014 became the company’s President.

The Success Of Dacia

Leading Dacia, Mor has announced its aim of maintaining the competitiveness of the enterprise. He had to cut staff and slow down the rate of growth of wages. When Sea Dacia became the fifth in Europe by number of vehicles produced. By the end of 2015 on the Romanian site were collected about 340 thousand cars at capacity of the local market 81 thousand cars. The company does not disclose profits, but it is, said in an interview with the Romanian media more.

In the competence Skvortsova also will be the distribution and monitoring of use of public credits and subsidies, says a source close to AVTOVAZ management. Wrong, according to the shareholders, distribution of loans was also in the number of claims to Bo Andersson. The project Lada Vesta, on which VEB has allocated AVTOVAZ 30 billion rubles, the new model should gather on the main floor of the plant in Togliatti. But Andersson moved the Assembly in Izhevsk, which increased production costs due to transportation. Finally, interaction with state agencies will include information relating to state secrets, access to which can only be the President of Russia, the interlocutor specifies .

Starlings at AVTOVAZ is not new. Back in 2009, the managing Troika Capital Partners (a former shareholder of AVTOVAZ) he joined the Board of Directors of a car manufacturer and works there still. In “rosteh” top Manager passed in 2013, he also serves on the Board of Directors of KAMAZ.

In a press-service of Rostec, Renault-Nissan and AVTOVAZ declined to comment.