The CBR was again in the lead in terms of purchases of gold

The CBR was again in the lead in terms of purchases of gold

Moscow. March 28. The Bank of Russia in February of 2016, was again the largest buyer of gold among global Central banks, according to data from the International monetary Fund (IMF). Purchases amounted to 356 thousand ounces of the precious metal.

Also, according to the IMF, to increase the volume of gold continues Kazakhstan. In February, he has gained almost 85 million ounces – for Kazakhstan it is the forty-first month of growth, “gold reserves” in a row.

The IMF is not included in the statistics for February is China, although, as reported earlier, the people’s Bank of China, in February, he bought about 320 thousand ounces of gold.

Undoubtedly the biggest seller of gold of gold and currency reserves (GCR) of the country, according to IMF data, in February Turkey which realizovana per month, about 1.2 million ounces of the precious metal (more than seven percent of the “gold reserve”).

It is also noteworthy that Canada, one of the top 10 world producers of gold, is almost completely sold out “gold reserve”, retaining only a symbolic 100 oz.