The Federal trade Commission has filed a lawsuit against Volkswagen

The Federal trade Commission (FTC) on Tuesday filed in U.S. district court in San Francisco claim to Volkswagen AG, saying the German automaker has introduced misleading consumers, advertising diesel cars as environmentally friendly, reports Reuters. The regulator argues that because of the actions of Volkswagen, American consumers have incurred damages amounting to “billions of dollars”.

The official representative of Volkswagen Janine Ginivan informed the Agency that the company received a complaint and the FTC continues to cooperate with American regulators.

Produced Volkswagen cars with diesel engines were in the spotlight in September 2015. Then the Agency for environmental protection of the United States stated that the manufacturer installed on cars software that allowed you to check the level of emission of harmful substances. As found by the Agency, resulting in the emission of harmful substances Volkswagen could exceed the established norm in 40 times.

Volkswagen admitted his guilt and said that the software was incorrectly identifying the level of emissions, can be equipped with about 11 million vehicles worldwide. The scandal, dubbed “deselect”, led to the resignation of the head of the company Martin vinterkorn.

In January, the U.S. Department of justice filed a lawsuit to Volkswagen, accusing the company of violating environmental laws. The manufacturer of this claim faces a fine of up to $46 billion.

In addition, Volkswagen was faced with several hundred civil lawsuits associated with diesel cars. In particular, in March 278 institutional investors from around the world filed in the court of the German city of Braunschweig a claim for €3.3 billion in connection with the concealment of information by the company about the harmful emissions of the diesel models.