The media learned about the intention of “Rosneft” alone to supply fuel to the interior Ministry

The government prepared a draft order, giving Rosneft the only seller of fuel to the interior Ministry, wrote on Tuesday the newspaper “Kommersant”. Available publications was a copy of the letter NP “Council on product markets” (TDAS, unites the independent participants of the fuel market), where there are concerns about this intention.

According to the newspaper, the letter was sent on 25 March, Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the head of FAS Igor artemevu, the Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev, the head of the accounting chamber Tatyana Golikova.

The document States that allowing state-owned companies authority sole supplier “will lead to negative consequences and undermine the interests of oil producers and independent market participants”. According to the version of independent suppliers, Rosneft will not be able to effectively meet the needs of all territorial bodies of the interior Ministry in the fuel, forcing the company to buy fuel from other suppliers and eventually to increase prices.

The letter emphasized that such a situation has already developed in the Ministry of emergency situations, for which Rosneft is the sole supplier of fuel since July 2014. So, it is emphasized in the document, the cost of gasoline for the needs of EMERCOM in Moscow was inflated for about 10 rubles.: AI-92 cost office in 47,65 rubles per liter, AI-95 — 49,2 RUB.

Citing an industry source, the publication says that the draft government Executive order on granting “Rosneft” the status of the supplier the Ministry of internal Affairs already agreed upon with the agencies. Against the FAS. Service promised to conduct checks on the facts stated in the letter of TDAS. The head of management FAS on the regulation of the fuel and energy complex, Dmitry Makhonin confirmed to the publication that authorities agree a draft order, which may soon be sent to the government.

The Ministry of economic development publication stated that “given the comments relating to the justification of prices of contracts and the reasonableness of the choice of the subsidiaries of “Rosneft” as the only supplier.” The Ministry added that the definition of the only suppliers “should be considered as an exceptional measure and should not be applied in the markets with developed competition.”