The media linked the construction of townhouses in Gelendzhik with the wife of the head of Ministry of industry and trade

Patterns associated with the wife of industry Minister Denis manturova Natalia, two implement a development project in Gelendzhik more than 2.3 billion rubles of Land for these two facilities together cover an area of nearly 7 hectares in the first and second lines of Gelendzhik Bay, reported by trade magazine Vademecum (specializing in health).

The first project is based on two nearby resorts — “Primorye” and “Friendship”, the owner of which claims Vademecum, are associated with Natalia Manturova — chief freelance specialist of Ministry of health for plastic surgery and the founder of the clinic of aesthetic medicine “the Lancet” in Moscow. According to the project development, in place of “Friendship” will appear a hotel complex and a clinic focused mainly on cosmetology and plastic surgery. The planned amount of investment of 1.88 billion rubles. “the Source of investment is unknown, but part of the cost, apparently, “Primorye” will take over in 2014, the company reported about intention to take out a loan in the amount of slightly more than 1 billion rubles”, — notes the edition.

The new complex will be attached to next door to the holiday hotel “Primorye” in the territory of which are already building with rooms of luxury and standard, a business center, small health center, Spa, several restaurants and its own private beach. The renovation of buildings “Primorye” has been the father-in-law Minister — a native of Noumea, Eugene Kissel, a former representative of “Aeroflot” in India, the General Director joint Russian‑the Indian enterprise “Aurorean” writes Vademecum. After annexing the territory of “Friendship” Primorje will take over 4.5 hectares on the first line of Gelendzhik, becoming the largest hotel-Spa complex of the resort, the project will be completed in 2019, according to the magazine.

The article States that the pension “Primorye” came under the control of the family Kantorovich in the mid-2000s — before the boarding house was owned by the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia (FNPR). The boarding house, as stated on his official website, was given to the Moscow management company “Hotel technologies”, which, by data “SPARK‑Interfax” controlled company “Financial system”. This company is owned by Cyprus Guylen Investments Limited and Questoil Limited, whose beneficiaries were not disclosed. However, in 2012 the newspaper “Vedomosti” wrote that the firm had to do with companies, “associated with the hospitality and beauty business Manturov and his wife”. General Director of “Financial systems” Evgeny Maximov, according to “Vedomosti”, once worked together with Mr Manturov at the Ulan‑Ude aviation plant. Full namesake Jenny is also the CEO and 100% owner of LLC “the Center of plastic and endoscopic surgery” is a legal entity founded by Manturovo clinic “the Lancet”.

The second major project in Gelendzhik associated with Manturovo, Vademecum calls the complex of apartments and townhouses Fellini, which is built on the site of the sanatorium “Anapa”. On the official website of the complex, which in the presentation to buyers is called the “Seaside Street” indicated that construction began in the summer of 2015.

Major shareholder of PJSC “Sanatorium “Anapa” is “Pearl”, 40% of which is owned by the same company “the Financial system”, reports Vademecum. At the center of disclosure of corporate information “Interfax” PJSC “Sanatorium “Anapa” is designated as an affiliate with “littoral” (data as of 31 December 2015). Investment in the first phase of construction — apartment‑hotel — is planned at the level 449,6 million rubles, writes the edition.

At the time of signing the press room at the Ministry of industry and trade on the inquiry Vademecum’t react. The representative of Natalia Manturova declined to comment .

Minister of industry and trade of Russia Denis Manturov and his wife are on the list of “the 20 richest families of the Kremlin and the White house,” Forbes. In 2014, the government earned 113,5 million rbl., his wife — 6,9 million rubles Manturov has gained popularity at the market of aesthetic medicine in the late 1990s, when on the basis of clinical hospital №1 of the administration of the President of the Russian Federation opened one of the country’s first private plastic surgery centre and endoscopy Lancet. Now Manturov, head of the Department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, cosmetology and cellular technologies Department RNSMU. N. And. Pirogov. Since February 2013 Manturov holds the Institute of plastic surgery and cosmetology in Olhovka, in which she gained basic experience of the plastic surgeon between 1993 and 2005.