“Vedomosti” described the output circuit 68 billion rubles Mosoblbank from

The newspaper “Vedomosti” on Tuesday, described the scheme of withdrawal of Mosoblbank, the ex-owner and former top executives of which are accused of stealing 68 billion rubles, the Newspaper refers to a copy of the indictment in the case.

From the indictment it follows that in October 2009, when the Central Bank ordered the Possibility to restrict the acceptance of deposits, the Bank’s owner Andrzej Malczewski instructed to develop a scheme that allowed them to bypass the restrictions and hide the real volume of deposits in the reporting. As a result, the son of the owner of Mosoblbank Alexander Malczewski and headed the Board of the Bank Victor Yanin formed the so-called the VIP Department, which is officially in the Bank existed, the newspaper notes. First, the Department employed two people who were required to perform “necessary to hide the reporting of transactions” on deposits of natural persons in the “Inversion XXI century” “to distort the reporting to the Central Bank”, the document shows. In December 2009, restrictions on accepting deposits in Mosoblbank were removed. Malczewski instructed to recover all deposits on the balance sheet, but “noted that <…> schema <…> works successfully and allows you not only to distort the statements <…> but also to make debit transactions on customer accounts,” according to the indictment. According to the document, he instructed top managers of the Bank to resume the work of the “VIP Department”, informing the employees about the requirements of the Central Bank to workers, “understand that they are acting contrary to the established rules and regulations, formed the opinion that their actions are aimed at concealing the real statements <…> and not on the theft of funds”. In fact debited from the deposits of money were stolen “by cashing out through cash units of the Bank”, established a consequence. Daily write-offs ranged from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions rubles, and the number of staff in the “VIP Department” has increased several times because of the increased load, “Vedomosti”.

By the beginning of the rehabilitation in may of 2014 the Possibility was “on the verge of bankruptcy, as the worked on the principle of the pyramid, one paying the depositors money at the expense of others, but the size of the abducted, increased”, the newspaper notes.

“We got acquainted with the case materials and believe that guilt [of the accused] is fully proven,” — said lawyer Roman Golovkin Mosoblbank

In 2015, the Investigation Department of the Ministry of internal Affairs opened a case of theft of funds in especially large size. In February the Prosecutor General’s office approved the indictment and sent the case back to the court. The total amount of the theft was estimated at 68 billion rubles.

Andrzej Malczewski was arrested Letov 2015. With him on the case of plunder before the court appearance of former top managers of Bank Julius Sedina and Viktor Yanin. Last summer was sentenced to six years for causing damage to the Bank at 578 mln. All three pleaded guilty and agreed with the Possibility of damages.

According to the publication, the investigation did not find the aggravating circumstance and mitigating circumstances have indicated the presence of all the accused juvenile children and voluntary restitution, and Sedini also “actively facilitating disclosure and investigation of crimes”. The defendants filed a motion for the consideration of the case in a special manner, supported by Mosoblbank, said Golovkin. In a case in a special order of punishment cannot be greater than 2/3 of the maximum.

Former first Deputy Chairman of the Board of Mosoblbank Dmitry Vasiliev and the son of Andrzej Malczewski, former President of the holding RFK Alexander Malczewski was arrested in absentia and put on the international wanted list. The case against Olga Lucy, head of Department of crediting of Mosoblbank, has been allocated in separate manufacture and is suspended immediately due to her serious illness.

Mosoblbank is located on the reorganization, held by SMP Bank. The turnaround was previously reported hole in the equity of Mosoblbank 100 billion rubles.