Reuters suspected Russia in the ongoing supply of equipment to Syria

When the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced on March 14 the withdrawal of the main part of the troops from Syria, it was expected that large marine dry cargo transport (BMCT) “Yauza” is part of the so-called “Syrian Express” and one of the main supply vessels of the Russian operation in Syria — should come back to his Arctic port. However, three days later, after Putin’s statements “Yauza” left the port of Novorossiysk and headed to the Syrian Tartus, writes Reuters.

“Whatever was on the ship, it was heavy. The ship was so low submerged that its load line was barely visible,” writes Reuters. “Action [“library”] and other courts for two weeks after the announcement of Putin’s partial withdrawal of troops suggest that Moscow actually delivers to Syria more equipment than was exported during the same period,” writes Reuters.

The Agency notes that it is not known exactly which goods and in what quantities have been brought from Syria by cargo planes, which accompanied the returning military aircraft.

Reuters suggests that Russia is pursuing “an intensive effort to maintain its military infrastructure in Syria and supplies the Syrian army so that if necessary re-deploy full-scale operation.”

March 14, Vladimir Putin ordered to start from the 15th of the withdrawal of the main part of the troops from Syria. However, the defense Ministry said that the Russian aviation group will continue to strike targets of terrorists in Syria.