The media learned about the arrest in Moscow a St Petersburg businessman Mikhalchenko

The head of the holding company “Forum”, St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko detained in Moscow, said “Fontanka”, without specifying the source of information.

According to the newspaper, the businessman arrived in the capital on Monday, March 28, and on Wednesday morning he was visited by field investigators of Central office of FSB of Russia and taken to the Investigative Committee (IC). He was detained for two days.

The official representative of the holding company “the Forum” said that with regard Mikhalchenko no Tuesday, his phone’s off. According to the press Secretary Mikhalchenko, Elmira Mammadova, a businessman is in Moscow for two days, the last time she spoke with him by phone on Monday.

The case, according to the newspaper, excited on h. 3 art 200.2 of the criminal code (smuggling of alcoholic beverages in an organized group in especially large size). It also featured the co-owner of the company “Logistik Central North-West” Valery kindzerskaya and General Director of “South-East trading company” Ilya Pichko. Both of these companies with legally Mikhalchenko related, however, according to SK, they brought rare wines and cognacs of luxury restaurants owned by Mikhalchenko.

March 5 employees of the economic security service of the Petersburg management of FSB have found out on the territory of Ust-Luga container terminal 23 of the container with meats, declared as “chips”, writes “Fontanka”. In addition, were found two containers with Courvoisier cognac worth about half a million rubles per bottle. Then there were reports about the arrest of the businessman, however, he disproved them.

The company, owned by Mikhalchenko, also appeared in the case of embezzlement in the Ministry of culture. We are talking about “Baltstroy”, whose Director was arrested March 16, a court in Moscow on the case of plunders in the restoration of Novodevichy convent.

“Forum” and Baltstroy are two different things”, “Forum” shall not be held responsible for “mistakes “Meltstream” during the restoration of facilities”, said earlier the representative of “Forum”. According to him, the holding gave the investigators all the necessary papers on “Baltstroy”.

Holding company “Forum” was founded in 2001. The holding includes such companies, as the oldest enterprise of the textile industry in Russia “Spinning-thread combine them. S. M. Kirov”, one of the leaders of the Russian market of downhole equipment “Izmeron” according to the website “Forum”. The company also implements projects in the sphere of public catering, restaurant group includes the holding company, Buddha-Bar, Il Lago dei Cigni and Tse Fung.

Construction company Baltstroy, part of the holding, was ranked in 14th place in the ranking of “fastest growing companies” for the years 2011-2013. The company received contracts to work in the Grand Kremlin Palace, the faceted chamber and the Hermitage, and in 2015 received from the Ministry of culture contracts for restoration work on 7,8 billion rubles.

In the ranking of “the richest people of Petersburg” published by the edition “Business Petersburg” in September, Mikhalchenko was ranked 46th in the ranking. His condition edition estimated 18 billion rubles.