The Minister of Finance of the USA has warned of a “frivolous” appeal sanctions

The Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew said in an interview with PBS, quotes from which leads the Agency Reuters, that the application of sanctions should also be carefully considered, as the use of military force.

“We can’t shy away from applying sanctions, because it will lead to slower growth, but we cannot treat them lightly,” said Lew.

According to the Minister, sanctions are “a serious step” that you want to “save” for when he will need. Lew also noted that over time the U.S. sanctions that evolved from a General embargo — for example, in Cuba — to a more targeted action, like those that were imposed on specific sectors of the Russian economy.

“They are focused on the centers of power, where currently decisions are made”, said Lew.

Citing the example of Iran, which has agreed to limit its nuclear program, Liu also expressed the view that the United States by the lifting of sanctions to reward those countries that change their behavior. “When you have an agreement which States “change its policy, and then will sanctions be lifted”, they must be the lifting of sanctions”, — said the head of the U.S. Treasury.

“Otherwise, no one will ever respond to the sanctions by changing their policies,” concluded the Minister.

The US imposed sanctions against several Russian companies and individuals in the spring of 2014, after Russia joined the Crimea. American authorities found illegal annexation of Crimea by Russia.

In early March this year, President Barack Obama signed a decree extending by one year the grounds for sanctions against Russia. It is about the renewal of the decree No. 13 660, which remains “a state of emergency, imposed in connection with attempts to undermine democratic processes in Ukraine, to violate its sovereignty and territorial integrity”. According to the signed document, the sanctions extended until March 6, 2017.

In response, Moscow warned Washington of “methodical shaking of the frame of bilateral relations” and warned the American authorities about the response.