USA, France, Britain and Germany urged the UN to respond to the missile launches by Iran

After the launches of ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads, Iran has defied the resolutions of the UN security Council, which endorsed the agreement reached last year an agreement on its nuclear program, said in a joint letter to the United States, France, Germany and the UK to the Ambassador of Spain to the UN Roman Oyarzun and Marchesi, Secretary General of the organization ban Ki-moon.

Recently Iran conducted ballistic missile tests were “inconsistent” and “contrary” resolution of the security Council for the number 2231, which was adopted in July last year, according to the document, were at disposal of the Agency Reuters.

In a letter to the United States, France, Germany and the UK highlights that the rockets used in recent starts, “by its nature had the ability to deliver nuclear warheads”. The letter also offered to discuss within the framework of the UN Savebase “appropriate measures” in response to Tehran’s refusal to meet its obligations, Reuters reports

The task of coordinating the discussions on the resolution 2231 in the security Council was vested in Spain.

Previously, in early March, Tehran conducted exercises, during which Iran launched two ballistic missiles Qadr H. They struck targets in the South-East of the country, flying 1400 km were also launched other missiles with ranges from 300 to 2 thousand km. Thus, according to the commander of aerospace forces of Iran Amir Ali Hajizadeh, Tehran is looking for ways to modernize their missile base. Teachings criticized the United States.

As noted by Reuters, Washington fears that Iran’s missiles could be used for nuclear launch. While Tehran claims that missile tests are not linked to its nuclear programme. “The program on development of ballistic missiles was never intended to develop the means of delivery of nuclear weapons,” — said the official representative of Iranian Foreign Ministry Hossein Jaber Ansari.

In July last year, Iran and countries of “six” (Russia, USA, China, UK, France and Germany) have reached agreement on Iran’s nuclear program. The agreement obliges Iran to produce nuclear weapons and use nuclear facilities only for peaceful nuclear energy. In response to this, the EU and the US took Iran sanctions related to its nuclear program.

Thus soon after the lifting of restrictions the US has imposed on Iran new sanctions. They are connected with the testing of ballistic missiles. The Finance Ministry stressed that the test launches pose “a significant threat to regional and global security”