Coming from the FSIN personnel officer will strengthen labor discipline in Rosneft

Lunch schedule

“Rosneft” strengthens the already strict labour discipline within the company. From 24 February to 16 March 2016, the company passed the verification of compliance with the staff schedule, approved by the internal regulations of the company, to the letter of the Vice President of human resources of Yury Kalinina. The letter was sent to heads of departments of the Central office of the company. read the copy of the letter, its authenticity confirmed by two sources within the company.

“By results of check revealed numerous cases of workers being late to work, including systematic and early departure without valid reasons,” — says Kalinin. “Including cases of use by employees during all working day more than 45 minutes for a lunch break, including negotiating in places of public catering,” he says. These “talks” during lunch one of the reasons for the delay of workers after the end of the working day to perform their duties, added the letter.

“Revealed facts” show that heads of departments do not control their employees properly, concludes chief personnel officer of Rosneft. As measures to eliminate the violations, he proposes to strengthen the monitoring of “compliance with working time”. In individual cases the staff shall submit to the Department a memo about the need for changes to the work schedule showing reasons. Heads of departments are also requested to approve the “graphics lunch break for the workers” no longer than 45 minutes and to share them with employees “under the painting”. The relevant documents should be sent to the personnel Department before April 20, concludes Kalinin.

Kalinin became the Vice-President of “Rosneft” in 2012, after a company headed by Igor Sechin. In 2004-2009 Kalinin headed the Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN), and then was the Deputy Minister of justice. According to friends with it people, it is distinguished by special requirements of subordination subordinates in leadership. For example, “Vedomosti” wrote in June 2013 that one day, catching at reception Sechin Manager, who was sitting one leg over the other and reading a newspaper, the top Manager snatched his newspaper and said, “come on, feet together, hands on knees!” The representative “Rosneft” it was denied. On Wednesday the press-Secretary of “Rosneft” Mikhail Leontyev refused to comment on the letter to Kalinin.

According to one of employees of “Rosneft”, check affected only the company’s Central office at the Sofia embankment. In production divisions of the subsidiaries has its own rules and regulations. But throughout the company there is a system of electronic passes, which records the time of arrival and departure of the employee from the office, he said .

“Persistent schedule”

In case of late arrival or delayed lunch, the Manager may require to write the explanatory note, says one of the employees of the Central office of “Rosneft”. Not all write such notes, citing the irregular working day and “practically non-stop schedule on mission”. According to one of interlocutors of “Rosneft”, in the preparation of meetings and business trips in the employee’s working day often starts at 5am, there are sleepless nights. Sechin meetings within the company can expect several hours without the right to leave.

Processing, including weekends, according to employees of “Rosneft”, is a frequent phenomenon. But workers are holding their place because of the high salaries. Processing at Rosneft due to non-standard work schedule and receive three additional days to the release, says a source in the company. According to him, in some cases, considerable loss of time at work and nightly processing are compensated by additional time off.

Standard practice

45 minutes for lunch and time control clock-in — standard practice in major oil and gas companies. “In the employment contract with employees of “Transneft” stated that lunch stands out for 45 minutes a day, but usually compliance with this paragraph are not strictly controlled because the workers themselves don’t spend on lunch for over an hour, — said the adviser to the head of “Transneft” Igor Demin. — Arriving on time is also mandatory: it captures protection. For delays require explanatory notes.” According to him, the systematic violation of labor discipline can reprimand and deprive of the award. But for irregular work schedule is charged three to seven additional days to leave.

Sources in “Gazprom” and LUKOIL told that their labour regulations also spelled out in 45 minutes for lunch. “The absence of managers not controlled, and ordinary workers do not go beyond the office, lunching in the canteens within the company, it’s easier to meet that deadline,” says a source in “Gazprom”. The source in LUKOIL said that the company has a rigorous system of electronic accounting of the office visit. For failure to observe working schedule, including tardiness, the employee faces deprimirotuyu if there is no good reason, and regular tardiness are followed by punishment up to and including dismissal. “Loyalty to violations of the no, control is strict,” he says. In a press-services “Gazprom” and LUKOIL declined to comment.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of a recruitment Agency TopContact Arthur Shamilov considers normal strict control of observance of labor discipline in state-owned companies. He estimated that such checks are carried out in them once in two or three years. “Standard punishment for regular tardiness, and other violations of labor discipline to the Labor code — from partial deprivation of prize dismissal,” — said the expert. The best strategy of control of observance by the employees of labor discipline — a combination of checks and tough measures by informal agreements.