In the Navy called “gossip” message about the possible resignation of the commander Shamanov

Information about the possible resignation of the commander of Airborne troops General Vladimir Shamanov, which was published in the newspaper “Kommersant”, is untrue, said a senior source TASS in the headquarters of the airborne troops.

“It’s pure gossip. Commander nothing about his dismissal didn’t know until I read these messages. To leave the General-the Colonel ain’t going nowhere, he has completely different tasks,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Yesterday in the material “Kommersant” said that Vladimir Shamanov in the near future can change the post of commander VDV on the seat of the Deputy of “United Russia” in the State Duma.

The newspaper’s sources reported that Shamanov is possible to transfer from military service to civilian can be associated with the rotation of senior commanders. However, they expressed doubt that the army General may be offered any decent position.

According to “Kommersant”, the management had no claims to Shamanov, who commanded military forces in Chechnya and Abkhazia, and was also responsible for the actions of our Marines during operations in the Crimea and Syria.